Blade and also Soul transformation is an MMORPG video game that has just to be released globally. The game offers an pure metric ton of content yet offers no genuine explanation of make the most out that it. With mechanics such together crafting, upgrading, the video game provides mechanical intricacy like no other. The video game itself has actually a facility leveling up and also XP device that is quite difficult to get also for an ext seasoned MMORPG players. Right here is everything you have to know around how you deserve to level up rapid in the game.

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Go for Your main Quests:

Main Quests have to be your optimal priority in Blade and also Soul Revolution. Firstly, they are perhaps the best source for XP in regards to their family member difficulty. Moreover, they assist you complete and unlock a the majority of the game’s features. You also get to suffer the intriguing plotline the Blade and Soul revolution offers. You deserve to expect to gain around 25 levels per hour the gameplay by simply simply grinding key quests for a basic metric.

After you"ve plowed through most of the quests, you"ll now have the ability to get an ext XP in many other ways as well. Moreover, you have to now have respectable gear and weapons, i m sorry should help you rise your XP gain by a correctly margin.



Raids room usually excellent to take out mighty bosses. Unlike Dungeons, they revolve about a group of 15-20 various other players, and organizing them can take a many time. However, lock offer incredibly impressive rewards as contrasted to dungeons. As such, lock are probably the second-best method to level increase fast and also earn XP in the game. For example, early-mid video game Raids carry out you with about 550k suffer points if perfect successfully. Moreover, they likewise offer Heroic difficulties, which deserve to increase XP gain by around 5x.

So, if girlfriend can discover a guild or a team of girlfriend who can coordinate properly and are willing to invest at the very least an hour or 2 clearing out a bigger dungeon, you must go because that raids. If you room unable to perform so, dungeons room the method to go.


Dungeons are a smaller version of Raids. They have a max cap on the variety of people the can go into them at one time. Usually, you deserve to go as much as 4 members for a solitary Dungeon Raid. While Dungeons carry out players with their assortment of exclude, items and also mid-tier items, they carry out you with a the majority of XP compared to their loved one size.


Most dungeons perform not shy away from offering you v upwards of 250k XP points because that a single point. Dungeons" biggest advantage is the you can keep redoing them for little to no cooldown unless you meet the maximum and also minimum level requirements. So, it is not unusual for guilds and also parties to operation a dungeon lot of times, figuring out the many efficient method to reduce the time taken per run.

Plus, the game constantly has more Dungeons periodically added and removed to it. So, there is constantly a brand-new dungeon for you to shot out. Some Dungeons are also component of weekly events. So, completing those will net you through even much more XP points.

Blade and Soul change on

As you deserve to see, Blade and Soul revolution is a video game that needs a lot of grinding and hard work. Thankfully, has actually some features integrated that can aid make your search for greater XP obtain much easier. Below they are:

Daily Dungeons:

Daily Dungeons are an easy source for a respectable lot of XP suggest every day. You room only enabled to run each everyday Dungeon a couple of times per day. However, these must be the very first dungeons you operation as soon as you log in. They provide you through a large amount of XP, however they differ from consistent dungeons in one way.


Unlike regular dungeons, daily dungeons are separated into multiple stages. Every stage has a different collection of enemies for you to defeat. Together you development further, you are required to challenge off versus harder bosses. Completing a day-to-day Dungeon effectively at the hardest phase can carry out you with over 500k endure points. Dungeons additionally do not need a group, and also you deserve to attempt castle solo.

Most everyday Dungeons have the right to be done v no hiccups ~ above the an initial try. ~ that, you have the right to keep re-running castle to obtain the maximum value possible. If you cannot complete a specific stage, us recommend leaving the to start the run again. Many players invest a most time make the efforts to finish a an especially unforgiving stage, leaving castle with little time for re-runs. So, they finish up earning much less XP 보다 they would have if castle left the boss and started one more run instead.

Do keep in mind that you still gain a respectable quantity of XP also if friend cannot finish every stage.

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Blade and also Soul change is the ultimate MMORPG because that anyone serious about grinding to acquire to the top. The game functions a lot of of intricate mechanics and complexities that are stored behind one XP wall. Thankfully, the game does not force you come pay, and you can obtain to the top also as a F2P player. By adhering to these tips, girlfriend should boost your XP gain by a significant margin as you will understand what details aspects that the game you must prioritize.