Help youngsters work on moody awareness as they practice listening for start sounds through this fun, hands-on Fish kindergarten phonics activities. This phonics activity is additionally perfect because that preschool, pre k, and an initial grade students. Youngsters will love the super cute fish theme and sorting the fish into alphabet fish bowls based on the start sound of the clipart photo on the fish.


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Kindergarten Phonics Activities

This free printable phonics game is a an excellent way because that preschoolers, kindergarteners, and also grade 1 students to exercise listening for the sounds letter make. For this kindergarten phonics activity simply sort the supervisor cute fish through the beginning sound the the picture on every of them into the correct aquarium bowls A-Z. 

Whether you are a parents, teacher, or homeschooler – this hand-operated phonics activity is a fun, engaging means for students to practice phonemic awareness! usage this in a fish them, f is because that fish letter the the week program, together extra practice, summer learning, literacy center in her classroom, or a supplement to your homeschool language arts curriculum. 

Free Phonics Printables

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Beginning sounds Activities

If you are looking for an ext initial sound activities, you will love these free printable ideas:

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Phonics Fishing Game

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