Honorius (minted 395-402 CE)Mint: Mediolanum (Milan)4.4g gold, 21 mmRIC X 1206; Sear 20916Provenance: James H Cohen (NOLA)Coppola Collection

“I wonder if the Emperor Honorius, city hall the Visigoths coming end the seventh hill, can truly realize that the Roman empire was about to fall. This is yes, really just an additional page the history, isn’t it? will certainly this be the end of ours civilization?” (Captain Jean-Luc Picard, come Guinan, anticipating the Borg strike in Star Trek: The following Generation “The best of Both people I,” the 3rd season’s finale, transfer June 18, 1990)

Honorius (Flavius Honorius Augustus; 9 September 384 – 15 august 423 CE) was Western roman inn Emperor native 393 to 423 (age 9-39). He to be the younger child of emperor Theodosius I and his an initial wife Aelia Flaccilla, and brother the Arcadius (b. 377), that was the east Emperor from 395 until his death in 408 (age 18-31).

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The many notable event of Honorius’s regime was the assault and also Sack of Rome on respectable 24, 410 through the Visigoths under Alaric. Rome had actually not been attacked in nearly 800 years. At that time, Rome to be no much longer the resources of the Western roman inn Empire, having been changed in the position first by Mediolanum in 286, wherein this coin to be minted, and also then by Ravenna in 402, where various other versions of the Honorius coin to be minted.

Stilicho, Honorius’s primary general, was both Honorius’s guardian (during his childhood) and also his father-in-law (after the emperor became an adult). Stilicho’s generalship helped preserve part level that stability, however with his execution in 408, the west Roman realm moved closer to collapse.

Rome was under siege through the Visigoths soon after Stilicho’s deposition and also execution. Doing not have his solid general to manage the by-now mostly barbarian Roman Army, the indecisive Honorius can do tiny to strike Alaric’s pressures directly, and also apparently embraced the only strategy he might in the situation: wait passively because that the Visigoths to prosper weary and spend the time marshaling what forces he could.

Honorius passed away of edema top top 15 august 423, leave no heir.

The Western realm fell in 476 CE after the one-year reign of Honorius’s nine successor, Romulus Augustus. His deposition through Odoacer, a soldier who became the an initial king the Italy, frequently marks the end of ancient Rome and also the start of the Dark/Middle Ages.

The byzantine Empire, additionally referred to as the Eastern roman inn Empire and Byzantium, was the extension of the Roman realm in the East, beginning from ca. 300 CE, and through the Dark/Middle Ages and also the Crusades, once its funding city, Constantinople (Istanbul), fell to the Turks in 1453, following the rise of the footrest Empire, which began in 1300.

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This is yes, really just an additional page the history, isn’t it? will this be the finish of ours civilization? — turn the page.”

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