Frosty Foxy is a rather sweet video game where you play as a fox in the freezing arctic, avoiding snowballs and also icicles to collection gems to at some point buy pretty outfits.

The game has fairly a lover atmosphere, beautiful backgrounds and design, and a really sweet fox. It's a basic 2D video game with a stationary display screen where you move left and right to avoid the dangers and also grab gems when they fall. Girlfriend can likewise jump to stop the just arrive snowballs. What is nice about the game is it advises a small ahead the time from wherein the icicle or snowball will be coming from, making it specifically appealing because that kids! however it deserve to get more and more challenging the an ext gems friend collect, therefore although it's straightforward at first, the pace does pick and soon you'll be dodging snowballs like mad!

How come play: To relocate Frosty usage the arrowhead keys to move her left and also right, and also the up arrow to let her jump. Once you have built up enough gems, you have the right to head over to the shop to buy part nifty outfits!

This HTML5 game works top top PC/Mac and mobile an equipment browsers.

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