2. A __________, which is the intersection the a column and also row, isthe an easy unit that a worksheet right into which data is entered.a. Cellb. Windowc. Ranged. Break-up box

3. The active cell can be figured out in every one of the complying with waysexcept__________.a. A hefty border surrounding the cellb. The active cell reference shown in the name boxc. The lit up column heading and row headingd. A block plus authorize displaying in the facility of the cell

4. The computer mouse pointer turns right into the __________ whenever that is movedoutside the worksheet or as soon as cell materials are dragged between rows orcolumns.a. Block plus signb. I-beamc. Block arrowd. Two-headed arrow

5. Below and to the ideal of a worksheet space __________ that have the right to beused to relocate the home window around to view various parts that the activeworksheet.a. Scroll barsb. Role arrowsc. Scroll boxesd. Every one of the above

6. An different to sliding one toolbar over an additional is to use the__________ ~ above a toolbar to screen the buttons that are hidden.a. More Buttons buttonb. Name box buttonc. ScreenTip buttond. Question mark button

7. The status bar displays __________.a. Names representing a perform of commands that can be used toretrieve, store, print, and also manipulate datab. Buttons that deserve to be offered to perform constant tasks morequickly than using the menu barc. Arrows and also boxes that can be supplied to move the windowaround come view various parts of the worksheetd. A short description the the selected command in a menu,the role of a button, or the activity in progress

8. One alternative technique to utilizing the mouse to select a cabinet is touse the __________ located simply to the ideal of the typewriter secrets onthe keyboard.a. Alphabetic keysb. Function keysc. Arrowhead keysd. Unique keys

9. Excel positions message __________ the cell.a. Left-aligned, which method the text is positioned at the farleft inb. Right-aligned, which way the message is positioned atthe much right inc. Centered, which way the text is positioned in themiddle ofd. Justified, which method the text is spread throughout thewidth of

10. If a dorn letter is typed and the error is noticed prior to clickingthe go into box, usage the __________ come erase every the characters ago toandincluding the one the is wrong.a. Go into keyb. BACKSPACE keyc. ESC keyd. DELETE key

11. Excel"s AutoCorrect attribute makes every the complying with correctionsexcept __________.a. Corrects two initial resources letters by transforming the secondletter to lowercaseb. Adds a last s or es to noun that should be pluralc. Capitalizes the first letter in the surname of the daysd. Replaces commonly misspelled words through their correctspelling

12. Excel"s __________ offers a convenient means to include the numbersin a variety of cells.a. MAX functionb. Typical functionc. Counting functiond. Amount function

13. A range can be gone into by typing the start cell reference,a __________, and the ending cell reference.a. Colon (:)b. Hyphen (-)c. Cut (/)d. Tilde (~)

14. Font size is measure in points; a solitary point is around __________of one customs in height.a. 1/12b. 1/18c. 1/36d. 1/72

15. In the AutoFormat dialog box displayed in the accompanying figure,the __________ terminates current activity without making any type of changes.a. Close switch or cancel buttonb. Question mark buttonc. Ok buttond. Options button

16. In the AutoFormat dialog box presented in the accompanying figure,the __________ have the right to be offered to obtain assist on any type of box or switch locatedin the dialog box.a. Close switch or publication buttonb. Question mark buttonc. Ok buttond. Options button

17. In the AutoFormat dialog box presented in the accompanying figure,the __________ allows added formats to be assigned as component of theselected customized format.a. Close switch or publication buttonb. Question note buttonc. Yes buttond. Choices button

18. To select any kind of cell, click the __________ located on the left sideof the formula bar and also enter the cell reference of the desired cell.a. AutoSum areab. Name boxc. AutoCalculate aread. Role box

19. The small __________ in ~ the corners and sides follow me the selectionrectangle indicate a graph is selected.a. Sizing handlesb. Sheet tabsc. Block arrowsd. Table formats

20. The __________ identifies every bar in a chart.a. Titleb. X-axisc. Legendd. Y-axis

21. When a record is saved, Excel instantly appends the extension__________ come the entered file name, which represents Excel workbook.a. .excb. .wbkc. .exwd. .xls

22. The __________, on the left the the save As dialog box, displaysa perform of shortcuts (pointers) come the most recently used documents in afoldertitled Recent.a. Favorite buttonb. History buttonc. Desktop computer buttond. Web Folders button

23. A total, one average, or other information about numbers in a rangeeasily deserve to be derived by making use of the __________ ~ above the condition bar.a. AutoSum areab. Surname boxc. AutoCalculate aread. Scroll box

24. The __________ not just deletes the components from a range, butalso copies the selection to the Office Clipboard.a. Undo switch or drown commandb. Cut switch or cut commandc. Delete button or Delete commandd. All of the above

25. One unsaved workbook have the right to be clearing by clicking the workbook"s Closebutton or by click Close ~ above the __________ menu.a. Fileb. Editc. Toolsd. Data

26. Net support allows Excel to conserve workbooks or parts of a workbookin HTML style so they deserve to be viewed and also manipulated using a browser.a. Trueb. False

27. Within an Excel workbook space sheets, dubbed booksheets.a. Trueb. False

28. A brand-new Excel workbook opens up with three worksheets, but, ifnecessary,additional worksheets have the right to be added to a best of 255.a. Trueb. False

29. A cell is referred to by its distinct address, or cell reference,which is the works with of the intersection that a column and also a row.a. Trueb. False

30. The food selection bar, typical toolbar, and also Formatting toolbar displayat the bottom the the display just over the standing bar.a. Trueb. False

31. Once a menu name on the food selection bar is clicked, a quick menu displayslisting the many recently used commands.a. Trueb. False

32. If the arrows in ~ the bottom that a quick menu room clicked, a fullmenu displays that lists all the commands connected with a menu.a. Trueb. False

33. A surprise command displays in a faint type, which indicates it isnot available for the existing selection.a. Trueb. False

34. A dimmed command go not display on the short menu.a. Trueb. False

35. Together data is typed, the data displays in the name box, and Exceldisplays the active cell referral in the formula bar.a. Trueb. False

36. Setting indicators, such together NUM (Num Lock), cap (Caps Lock), andSCRL (Scroll) display which keys are engaged.a. Trueb. False

37. As soon as the mode indicator reads Ready, Excel is ready to expropriate thenext command or data entry.a. Trueb. False

38. When the mode indicator reads Enter, Excel is in the process ofaccepting data with the keyboard into the energetic cell.a. Trueb. False

39. Key-board indicators, such as Enter and Ready, screen on the statusbar and specify the current mode.a. Trueb. False

40. In Excel, any collection of characters containing a letter, hyphen (asin a phone call number), or space is thought about text.a. Trueb. False

41. The insertion point is a blinking upright line that indicateswhere the next character typed will display.a. Trueb. False

42. Clicking the get in box completes one entry, and also clicking the Cancelbox cancels the entry.a. Trueb. False

43. When the text entered is much longer than the width of a column, Exceldisplays the overflow personalities in adjacent cells come the left together longas these nearby cells save on computer data.a. Trueb. False

44. Once an arrow vital is pressed to finish an entrance in a cell, theadjacent cell in the direction of the arrow (up, down, left, or right)becomes the active cell.a. Trueb. False

45. Numbers have the right to contain only the adhering to characters: 0 1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 + - ( ) , / . $ % E e.a. Trueb. False

46. Numbers gone into into a worksheet are right-aligned, i beg your pardon meansExcel display screens the cell entry to the much right in the cell.a. Trueb. False

47. Once proposing a selection of cells to sum, Excel an initial looks because that arange the cells with numbers below the energetic cell and then to theright.a. Trueb. False

48. The variety of cells receiving a copy is dubbed the copy area.a. Trueb. False

49. The cabinet being replicated is dubbed the paste area.a. Trueb. False

50. If each cell in a selected selection is next to a heat of numbers, Excelassigns the SUM role to every cell in the selected range when theAutoSumbutton is clicked.a. Trueb. False

51. A worksheet is formatted to emphasize entries and also make theworksheeteasier come read and understand.a. Trueb. False

52. The font form indicates how characters are formatted, together asregular,underlined, or italicized.a. Trueb. False

53. A character v a suggest size the 10 is about 10/72 that one inchin height.a. Trueb. False

54. Font style defines the appearance and also shape the letters, numbers,and one-of-a-kind characters.a. Trueb. False

55. When Excel begins, the preset font kind for the entire workbookis Arial through a size and style that 10-point regular.a. Trueb. False

56. Friend bold an entry in a cabinet to camouflage the or do it mix intothe remainder of the worksheet.a. Trueb. False

57. As soon as the Merge and also Center button is clicked to facility a worksheettitle throughout the range A1:F1, Excel not just centers the title yet alsomerges cell A1 v F1 into one cell, cell A1.a. Trueb. False

58. Most layouts assigned to a cabinet will display screen on the Standardtoolbarwhen the cell is selected.a. Trueb. False

59. Excel derives the range along the vertical axis (also referred to as they-axis or value axis) that a pillar chart on the basis of the worths intheworksheet.a. Trueb. False

60. Excel automatically selects the entries in the topmost heat of aselected selection as the titles because that the horizontal axis (x-axis orcategoryaxis) that a obelisk chart and draws a column for each cell in the rangecontainingnumbers.a. Trueb. False

61. As soon as Excel is installed on a computer, the default graph type,or the type of graph Excel color etc if the Finish switch is clicked in thefirst Chart magician dialog box, is the 3-D (three-dimensional) Piechart.a. Trueb. False

62. If the computer system is turned off or if power is shed while buildinga workbook, the computer system stores the workbook in memory.a. Trueb. False

63. In the list crate that displays when the Tools button is clickedin the conserve As dialog box, the General choices command permits a backupcopy the the workbook to be saved, a password come be created to limitaccessto the workbook, and also other features to be brought out.a. Trueb. False

64. Saving a backup workbook means that every time the workbook issaved,Excel duplicates the present version the the workbook ~ above disk to a record withthe very same name, however with the words, backup of, appended come the former ofthe file name.a. Trueb. False

65. Situation sensitive means that Excel cannot identify betweenuppercaseand small letter letters.a. Trueb. False

66. If a print area is not selected, Excel automatically selects aprint area ~ above the basis of supplied cells.a. Trueb. False

67. The nearby button and Control-menu icon on the location bar close theworkbook, and the nearby button and also Control-menu icon on the menu barcloseExcel.a. Trueb. False

68. If the entry in a cell is long and also the errors are minor, modify modemay it is in a better choice than selecting the cell and also retyping the entireentry.a. Trueb. False

69. To delete a character in a cell, relocate the insertion suggest to theright the the personality to it is in deleted and then push the DELETE key, orplace the insertion point to the left the the character to be deletedandthen press the BACKSPACE key.a. Trueb. False

70. In Insert mode, Excel overtypes the character to the best of theinsertion point.a. Trueb. False

71. In Overtype mode, as a character is typed, Excel inserts thatcharacterand moves all personalities to the appropriate of the typed personality onepositionto the right.a. Trueb. False

72. Excel offers the cancel command ~ above the edit menu and the Undobuttonon the conventional toolbar to repeat vault actions.a. Trueb. False

73. The Redo switch on the conventional toolbar and also the Redo command onthe modify menu deserve to be supplied to erase the most recent cell entry.a. Trueb. False

74. Always press the SPACEBAR to clean a cell.a. Trueb. False

75. Through the Office Assistant active, a question, word, or expression canbe typed in a message box and the Office Assistant gives immediate helpon the subject.a. Trueb. False

76. To start Excel, Windows need to be running.a. Trueb. False

77. Excel considers a date to be text and, therefore, displays itleft-alignedin the cell.a. Trueb. False

78. If a formula is gotten in in cabinet F3 to multiply the values in cellsD3 and also E3, Excel recalculates the product whenever new values areenteredinto those cells and displays the an outcome in cabinet F3.a. Trueb. False

79. Cell recommendations in formulas should be gone into in uppercase, andspacescannot be included before or ~ the arithmetic operators.a. Trueb. False

80. When an ext than one operator is involved in a formula, Excel followsa different basic order of operations from that provided in algebra.a. Trueb. False

81. Regardless of the length and also complexity that a formula, utilizing Pointmode to enter formulas regularly is slower and also less precise than utilizing thekeyboard.a. Trueb. False

82. When a formula is copied, Excel adjusts the cell referrals sothe new formulas save on computer references matching to the new locationandperform calculations making use of the appropriate values.a. Trueb. False

83. A duty takes a worth or values, performs one operation, andreturns a an outcome to the cell.a. Trueb. False

84. When suggest mode is offered to enter a function, the arrow keys canbe supplied to complete the entry.a. Trueb. False

85. The MIN function is supplied to determine the greatest number in arange.a. Trueb. False

86. Excel has more than 400 features that execute just about everytype of calculation that have the right to be imagined.a. Trueb. False

87. One of the least common mistakes made with Excel is come includea dorn cell referral in a formula.a. Trueb. False

88. The map Dependents command top top the Auditing submenu highlightsthe cells through formulas in the worksheet that reference the activecell.a. Trueb. False

89. If the range Finder is used to change cells referenced in aformula,press the ENTER an essential to finish the edit.a. Trueb. False

90. If the map Precedents command ~ above the Auditing submenu is clicked,Excel display screens cells through formulas in the worksheet that referral theactive cell.a. Trueb. False

91. When arising presentation-quality worksheets, various fontsseldom are used in the exact same worksheet.a. Trueb. False

92. The font type, size, or layout can be changed at any type of time whilethe worksheet is active.a. Trueb. False

93. Borders can be eliminated by picking the range and clicking theNo Border button on the boundaries palette.a. Trueb. False

94. A background color can be eliminated by picking the range, clickingthe Font shade button, and also then click Automatic.a. Trueb. False

95. Left alignment, center alignment, and also right alignment room usedso frequently that Excel has Left Align, Center, and also Right Align buttons onthe Formatting toolbar.a. Trueb. False

96. As soon as the currency Style switch is used, Excel assigns a floatingdollar sign that displays immediately to the left of the very first digit.a. Trueb. False

97. The cells command ~ above the style menu or the layout Cells commandon the shortcut menu must be used to assign a resolved dollar sign.a. Trueb. False

98. The rise Decimal switch on the Formatting toolbar gets rid of adecimal ar from the selected cell each time the is clicked.a. Trueb. False

99. The to decrease Decimal switch on the Formatting toolbar is supplied todisplay additional decimal locations in a cell.a. Trueb. False

100. A floating disagreement sign always displays to the left side of a cell,and the solved dollar sign always displays automatically to the left ofthefirst digit.a. Trueb. False

101. When a cell is rounded to fit a certain format, if allthe decimal places may no display, Excel does keep all the decimalplaces because that computational purposes.a. Trueb. False

102. Once conditional formatting is used, if the condition is false,Excel applies the formatting.a. Trueb. False

103. The include button in the Conditional Formatting dialog box allowsup come two added conditions to it is in added.a. Trueb. False

104. 12.75 point out is same to about one-sixth of one inch.a. Trueb. False

105. When the layout assigned come a cell reasons the entry come exceedthe broad of a column, Excel instantly changes the shaft width tobest fit.a. Trueb. False

106. As soon as a worksheet is printed, covert columns print.a. Trueb. False

107. To set a row height to finest fit, double-click the top boundaryof the heat heading.a. Trueb. False

108. If dedicated terms regularly are provided that space not in the spellchecker"s typical dictionary, the assignment dialog box deserve to be offered toaddthem come a tradition dictionary.a. Trueb. False

109. If a range of cell is selected before starting the order checker,Excel checks just the spelling of the words external the selected range.a. Trueb. False

110. To inspect the spelling of every the sheets in a workbook, right-clicka paper tab, and then click choose All Sheets top top the paper tab shortcutmenu.a. Trueb. False

111. Portrait orientation way the printout is printed throughout thelength of the page.a. Trueb. False

112. Excel set the orientation for a brand-new workbook to portrait.a. Trueb. False

113. Once the mouse pointer is a magnifying glass, the previewed pagein the Preview home window can be clicked to bring out the role of theZoombutton.a. Trueb. False

114. The print dialog box display screens when the Print button on theStandardtoolbar is used.a. Trueb. False

115. The formulas variation of a worksheet mirrors the results of theformulasthat have actually been entered.a. Trueb. False

116. Since the worths version of a worksheet displays and also printsthe formulas, fairly than the results, it makes it easier to view if anymistakes to be made in formulas.a. Trueb. False

117. As soon as a readjust is make from the values to the recipe version,Excel rises the width of the columns so the formulas and also text donotoverflow into nearby cells top top the right.a. Trueb. False

118. Come get exterior data indigenous a World wide Web site, the is necessaryto have accessibility to the Internet.a. Trueb. False

119. Data reverted by stock-related internet queries is real-time in thesense that it is no more than 20 minutes old during the organization day.a. Trueb. False

120. Excel displays the data returned from a web query in an organized,formatted worksheet, which has actually a worksheet title, pillar titles, and also arow the data for each stock symbol entered.a. Trueb. False

121. If, as soon as making a net query, the exterior Data toolbar does notdisplay, right-click any toolbar and then click exterior Data.a. Trueb. False

122. Sheet names can contain up to 31 personalities (including spaces)in length.a. Trueb. False

123. Longer sheet names mean an ext sheet tabs will display.a. Trueb. False

124. The leftmost and also rightmost scroll buttons have the right to be used to moveone sheet to the left or right.a. Trueb. False

125. A new feature the Office 2000 is the ability of e-mailing aworksheet or workbook directly from in ~ Excel.a. Trueb. False

126. To begin a new line in a cell, press __________ after every line,except because that the critical line, which is completed by clicking the go into boxor pressing the enter key.a. ALT+ENTERb. CTRL+ENTERc. SHIFT+ENTERd. TAB+ENTER


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The __________ coming before a formula is vital part the theformula, due to the fact that it advises Excel that a formula or role is beingenteredand not text.a. At sign (