The recent WIOA criter in Adult education emphasize the prestige of integrating technology into instruction in ~ every level. In order come prepare adult learner to be college and career ready, programs should incorporate multimedia tools and also technologies to assist learners develop their visual and digital literacies.

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Pearson’s Future: English for results meets WIOA requirements with online tools that offer flexible remedies for classroom instruction and blended learning and enable learners to practice language and life an abilities as well as develop their visual and digital literacies.

The student texts of Future are now accessible with MyEnglishLab or with the important Online Resources, offer a variety of digital needs of students and teachers.


MyEnglishLab, an easy-to-use online discovering management system, permits students come apply new language skills in digital interactive tasks and assessments, which help them take an active role in their learning. MyEnglishLab is terrific tool because that individualizing instruction and also blended or flipped classroom.

NEW College and also Career Readiness:

A lesson for every unit in level 1–5

Reading lessons obtainable in two formats: Interactive activities with audio and also instant feedback and also printable tasks with can be downloaded audio and answer keyWriting lessons available in printable format


NEW Future Transitions come Work:

Beginning- and intermediate-level vocabulary and also exercises for 5 top employment industries: Food Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Technology


Grammar Coach lessons for every unit:

NEW Grammar video presentations

• many interactive activities with prompt feedback


NEW Additional hearne and Life an abilities activities with listen, record, and compare features

Intro has 70 activitiesLevels 1–2 have 80 tasks eachLevels 3–4 have actually 60 tasks eachLevel 5 has actually 30 activities


Vocabulary exercise includes flashcards, vocabulary games, and interactive tasks with prompt feedback because that a fun and engaging way to practice the unit’s vocabulary.

REVISED CASAS test Prep: a CASAS-like reading and listening test for every level

Additional resources include course audio MP3 files and also audio transcripts v student publication page references.

Digital sources for Teachers

MyEnglishLab: Future offers digital devices that permit teachers to assign practice, to organize homework, and also track the moment students invested on activities.

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With the flexible gradebook and a wide range of diagnostic tools, teacher can:

view college student scores by unit and also activityanalyze class data to determine steps for remediation and also supporteasily spot students who space failing listed below threshold score for their programmonitor student development on any task or test

Essential virtual Resources

The crucial Online Resources, a digital hub the includes added interactive tasks and printable resources, is fantastic tool for independent, self-directed study.The Essential Online resources included through the Student book have extraordinary devices for individualizing instruction, as well as providing immediate feedback.

The MyEnglishLab option has everything in the necessary Online Resources and much more.

MyEnglishLabEssential digital Resources
Vocabulary activities and Games
Grammar Coach Videos 
Grammar Activities(four activities per lesson)(one task per lesson)
Listening, Speaking, Life skills Activities
Interactive CCRS Reading tasks with immediate feedback 
Printable CCRS reading Lessons
Printable CCRS writing Lessons
Transitions come Work
Digital literacy Videos
CASAS test Prep (teacher should assign)
Placement check (teacher have to assign)
Student publication Audio and also Scripts
Flexible Gradebook and also Diagnostic Tools