Practical yet handsome Roman motivated designs do from just the ideal materials, that any type of legionary would be proud come wear.

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Cassius was a right forward man: the enlisted come dedicate his life come the emperor and spent every waking moment serving to the best of his ability. It was daunting to pinpoint exactly when his transition in mindset occurred, and what caused the decision to plot the emperor’s downfall- however when you deal with tyranny day in, day out, the romantic of fighting because that such a man begins to fade. ~ above the work of the emperor’s assassination, one thing was clear: that day, Cassius to be no longer serving the emperor. That day, he to be fighting for Rome. ours “Cassius” repertoire embodies whatever we love around Roman armor and clothing - the is basic, functional, however still beautiful. The sheer amount of modern technology that the Romans arisen is awe-inspiring, which provides it easy to fall in love v such an amazing time duration and the artifacts that go with it. Roman inn clothing and armor is handsome, practical, and likewise amazingly fine documented, which provides our job easier! The Romans had an astute appointment to recording their military tactics, regalia, and life. Roman legionary armor was easy to build and noted the most an important amount of security without weighing down the wearer as well much. It to be designed come be quickly transported and also standardized to practically any dimension so that it might be supplied again by future soldiers. This very same concept applied to a lot of Roman clothing. This strategy didn’t by any means make any type of of your fashion or armor ill-fitting or less attractive, though - the Romans were still undeniably stylish! as our first collection of old era kit, us couldn’t be an ext proud of “Cassius”. That is the perfect combination of roman inn weapons and armor, as well as clothing and also accessories. Every solitary item is crafted with care and also designed to look flattering on anyone, with quality materials and also attention to detail. So, walk on! adopt the contact of war, develop your empire. Come to be “Cassius” and prepare come conquer.

Cassius: the roman inn soldier costume

Are you trying to find a kit v a story come tell? are you all set to go earlier in time and go on an adventure? There room so numerous manufacturers that sell uncomfortable or unremarkable roman armor for sale, yet not us! our “Cassius” arsenal is classic however still undeniably unique and also “”, making it a must-have because that those that love old armor.

Discover your love of roman weapons and also armor

It’s difficult not come respect the Romans. They had such amazing systems in place to do sure everything was fine documented and organised and also had such an progressed civilization for a group for ancient. We room lucky to still have actually so much resource material at our fingertips come research and dive into.

So what was genuine roman armor?

Real roman inn armor was typically made the end of iron and also bronze. Offered that us live in the modern world, making armor out of these materials it’s not really handy anymore, which is why we chose to make it from stainless steel with brass accents. These products are an ext durable, more readily available, and also still, look just as good!

Roman armor at a discount

You’re simply in luck because we are often having a roman inn lorica segmentata armor sale. We love to operation promotions and also make our items as affordable as possible for ours customers, therefore be certain to i ordered it to our newsletter to for sure you always get the recent updates on ours sales. Girlfriend never understand - recognize a good deal on a roman inn helmet for sale can be right roughly the corner.

Don’t clear up for fake LARP roman armor

No issue what kind of medieval subculture you space in, girlfriend can’t deny that real armor constantly looks better! Just because you space going come a LARP and also using foam swords doesn’t typical that you have to settle for foam armor as well. Wear the genuine deal and feel exceptional under the load of your wonderful metal armor!

How much did roman armor weigh?

This is a pretty common question, really. The factor it is inquiry so often is that roman soldiers often had to carry their kit with them, and people are curious come know specifically how much weight the mean soldier would be carrying together with their roman inn legionary helmet. The answer are between 30-45kg, i beg your pardon is quite a lot! It all adds up as soon as you’re wearing steel, and don’t forget that the crazy weight of the roman shield as well.



Perfect SCA roman inn armor

Made from high quality stainless steel and thick sufficient to take it a beating, this kit will carry out well in heavy style fights in the SCA. The stainless stole is an excellent for fighting practice because it doesn’t rust as basic – just throw it into your gear bag.

Authentic roman inn armor because that sale

We have tried to make our Roman-style armor as authentic as feasible whilst still making it comfortable and practical to wear. We have actually based many of ours designs on historic prototypes to ensure they space as close as possible to the real thing, v our own twist to do it a small bit distinct for you.

Put together the perfect roman kit

Putting with each other a finish kit can be hard! It’s difficult to understand what friend should emphasis on - should your very first buy your roman inn helmet, or should you rather buy your roman inn soldier shield prior to even considering armor? What around body armor, is that truly important? Or is it much more important come think around roman leg armor? We’re below to aid and allude you in the appropriate direction since we know specifically how intimidating that is placing together a costume indigenous scratch. Here in the “Cassius” collection, you’ll discover everything you must hit the battlefield!

What about Roman clothing?

Let’s not forget around clothing too - after all, you can’t it is in nude under all of that armor! The roman inn tunic is an pure staple for your old wardrobe, together they room comfortable, adjustable, and also easy to wear for basically any type of body type! Don’t forget these crucial pieces when it pertains to completing your costume and also having a cohesive look:

Roman soldier tunicRoman sandalsBrooches for your tunicRoman soldier cloak

All of this items are an extremely important as soon as it comes to surviving a cold night or walking on a long journey.

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Don"t forget the armory!

Of course, friend should additionally keep in mind the you don’t want to forget your roman inn gladius - this is the knife that will store you safe and permit you to defend yourself in any situation. These swords to be on the much shorter side and really easy to use.