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Game of Thrones Season 8, illustration 5 conversation Thread: “The Bells”

Theresa DeLucci


Courtesy of HBO

I still assumed CleganeBowl together it was collection up on the display was kinda silly, too. All these years and Sandor still wants revenge for his face? for the smallfolk Gregor wgc2010.orgtured? i think Sandor would have actually moved beyond that after his time in the monastery and with Beric, but, nope —Dany’s not the only one through a personal grudge.

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The showdown felt choose a character regression.

There to be a lot of that walking around.

I’ll it is in the very first to admit I feeling dumb after being so damn certain Jaime to be going to kill Cersei and shot to stop all this bullshit since six periods of character development from “A guy With No Honor” should change him into… tho a man with no honor, apparently, neither saving Cersei no one killing she for what she did to reason this whole fucking war in the an initial place. And also for leaving Brienne come bawl she eyes out like a schoolgirl in the snow.

It’s like after Cersei’s walk of Shame, the authors couldn’t be arsed come think up a satisfying means to kill her. For this reason they just dumped some rocks on her and Jaime. Rocks. Rocks killed Cersei. Any kind of of the easily accessible fan theories would’ve been better—death by childbirth, Arya with Jaime’s face, Tyrion! however nope, hidden in the basement that the Red Keep. Not an ounce of poetic justice offered to one of fiction’s best monsters.

Twincest. Courtesy that HBO.

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Final thoughts:

So, walk Bran not see this bloodbath coming? us did see a vision of Drogon flying end King’s Landing. Go he simply not care to tell anyone about that due to the fact that he desires Jon ~ above the throne for this reason bad? The Three-Eyed Raven must obey the Federation’s prime Directive? How have the right to you watch this coming and do nothing?Jon’s gonna feeling dumb going ago to Sansa now, eh?Tyrion is hopefully smart sufficient to hide indigenous Dany until he can end up being Jon Snow’s Hand.Qyburn gained off easy, all things considered.So walk Varys, who was for this reason freaking great at whispers but got recorded out in the most evident game of telephone ever. Weak. Somewhere, Littlefinger is laughing his beard off.LOL. The Redshirt gold Company. Goodbye, Prince Valium and also your goofy face.Arya looked favor she still has actually a queen on her list. Ns bet, similar to with the Night King, Arya will do Jon’s dirty work for him.Next week: ~ above a scale of Dexter (the worst) to Six Feet Under (the best), I see Thrones landing somewhere in Lost/Battlestar Galactica collection finale terriwgc2010.orgy. *sad trombones*

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