Early in the game, you find out that the realm of Midgard isn’t all the God the War needs to offer. After ~ Kratos and also Atreus return indigenous Alfheim - residence of the Light and Dark Elves - they find a cypher that allows them travel to Muspelheim, the kingdom of fire. Here’s how to gain to Muspelheim in God that War, and complete the arena challenges to knife Smouldering Embers.

God of war Muspelheim guide:

Getting to Muspelheim:

Kratos and also Atreus have the right to visit Muspelheim after ~ they’ve fixed the Witch’s cavern puzzle and returned to visit The Witch for the 2nd time.

The piece of the Muspelheim Cypher that you require to access the kingdom of Fire are hidden roughly the civilization in special chests.

Muspelheim Cypher Locations:

The first is covert just after you’ve open the door at the finish of the bridge across from Tyr’s Temple. Once you’re through, revolve right and also freeze the toxicity totem. Continue on, drop down the ledge, kill any kind of enemies you come across and frozen the next poison totem. The first Muspelheim Cypher chest is here.

To discover the second chest, death the Dark Elves that assault you as shortly as you enter Alfheim, then destroy the pulsing nodes the block your course using her axe. Go with the opening you create and turn appropriate - what you need need to be here.

For the 3rd chest, monitor the path that leads ago down The mountain after you’ve talked to Mimir for the an initial time. As it curve around, you should see a fork top top the left. Take the fork, and there need to be a chest comprise a item of the Cypher in ~ the end.

The final piece the the Muspelheim Cypher is located in a chest concealed behind the people Tree sap problem in the Witch’s cave, which is only easily accessible when girlfriend return there through Mimir ~ the water level has actually dropped. The sap is top top the appropriate as you take it the elevator up. Then together you go into the hole you’ve created, turn appropriate to discover the chest.


Now that you’ve got it all, return to Tyr’s Temple and enter Brok’s shop.

From here, walk to the back of the shop and also cross the light bridge that The Witch produced to very first take you to Alfheim. When you’re in the kingdom traversal room, strategy the centre console and also rotate the wheel to select Muspelheim.

In Muspelheim:

When the procedure is finished leave the Tyr’s Temple, go forward throughout the bridge and also open the gate. When you’re through, press on and you’ll meet Brok again. Have actually a chat with him and he’ll tell you around how Magic gates work in Muspelheim.


After you’re done, follow the course around and climb the wall in former of you. About fifty percent way up, you’ll have the ability to climb left or best - tack right very first and you’ll concerned a chest through some items in, consisting of your an initial taste of sweet, sweet Smouldering Embers; much more on those later.


Climb back onto the wall and head left. As soon as you’re back on solid ground, you’ll go into a clearing v what looks like a giant sword lodged into the ground. Press circle top top it, and you’ll be invite to take part in Muspelheim Arena Challenges.

These obstacles are a collection of challenging fights the reward Kratos with Hacksilver and also rare materials, the most useful of these being Smouldering Embers.

Smouldering Embers:

Smouldering Embers are offered by the dwarven smiths Brok and Sindri come craft several of God the War’s most an effective armour sets, and pommels and talismans. They’re likewise used to upgrade them.

You knife Smouldering Embers by completing arena challenges, and grabbing a few from the setting in Muspelheim favor in the chest native earlier.


Muspelheim Arena Challenges:

The difficulties at the Muspelheim Arena deserve to be tough, yet aren’t a huge amount harder 보다 the crazier battles that crop up during the key story.

They take on all sorts of forms, from straightforward beat ‘em ups whereby you need to kill a certain variety of enemies, to time trials and also regenerating wave modes.

We’ve provided a few tips on how to win each challenge we’ve faced below, and also will save updating the list together we finish more.

Remember come equip a resurrection stone, they’re allowed so you might too use them. Restocking is simple too, with portals come Brok’s shop in ~ a couple of seconds walk indigenous the arena.

Muspelheim Arena 1 challenge - Normal:

This difficulty is nice straightforward. Kratos only needs to defeat 15 opponents within the time limit, which is doable if you save up the aggression and try to stick come high damages melee combos, rather than tickling adversaries with ranged blows from afar.

Muspelheim Arena 1 challenge - Hard:

The second stage that this arena is much, much harder 보다 the last. What you need to do below is shot and clear waves of adversaries quickly, because every few seconds when a monster is alive, they’ll recovery a please ally.

This is doubly annoying when Tatzelwurms burrow underground so that you can’t hit them.

The trick with this challenge is to threaten multiple enemies at once, so the they only need one or two hits to walk down. Otherwise you’ll be slogging far at a fresh enemy for as well long and also another will spawn.


Muspelheim Arena 2 an obstacle - Normal:

The very first stage the the second arena is fairly straightforward again, every you need to do is endure for five minutes.

It’s less complicated here if you don’t get attracted into melee slugging matches, due to the fact that things will gain too hectic about you.

Keep her distance, and also be wary that fire-throwers spawning indigenous the cliff-edge side of the arena.

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If you obtain surrounded, don’t be fear to sprint away to the other side the the battleground.