Why God Of battle Ragnarök’s Thor Looks various From His frosting Thor"s main art because that God of war Ragnarök watch much different than his in-game depictions indigenous the vault game, i beg your pardon didn"t provide a close look.

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Why God Of war Ragnarök’s Thor Looks different From His Statue
The new trailer for God of war Ragnarök teased the presence of Thor in a comparable manner come the ahead game"s ending, but his figure is no longer a mystery. The game"s art director common what Thor look at like, and also many to be surprised to watch a more rotund vikings god than they imagined. Possibly somewhat oddly, the Thor that players will see in Ragnarök also looks various than the most prominent in-game baseline, the god of thunder"s statue ~ above the coast of the Lake of ripe in 2018"s God that War.

The Lake of nine serves as the player"s hub people in God that War. Located in Midgard, it provides accessibility to numerous of the other mythological realms, and players will return to it countless times throughout the game. Towering over among the lake"s financial institutions is a massive statue that Thor brandishing Mjolnir end its head, through one foot elevated favor a norseman Captain Morgan. Every in all, the frostbite looks like a fairly convincing depiction of a god - tall, armored, reportedly muscular, and an extremely imposing. The giant statue doesn"t really market a an extremely detailed image of Thor, and also players only ever get to watch it from below, but it is absolutely a different look than the main Thor character model that will certainly be in Ragnarök.

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The many readily obvious explanation because that why Thor"s look has seemingly readjusted is a issue of game development. Aside from the statue, Thor barely showed up in the ending of 2018"s God the War, and also even then, football player don"t acquire a good look in ~ him, therefore there likely wasn"t an remarkable amount of believed put right into his appearance. The god of thunder is poised to do a greater contribution to Ragnarök, therefore he demands a much more detailed model. Even aside indigenous this, there is enough narrative obscurity bordering Thor in God the War that enables for his differing appearance.

Thor together he appears in the finishing of God of battle (2018)
The statue of Thor provides one impression that the norseman god, yet Thor provides a second appearance in the game. After ~ finishing the key story, Kratos and Atreus return to their home. "Years Later..." flashes across the screen before father and son space awoken in the middle of the night through a disastrous thunderstorm - one led to by a shrouded Thor discovered standing outside. The god"s confront cannot it is in seen, and his human body is rather nondescript under the cloak and in the darkness. The entirety scene is played off together Atreus" dream as soon as the video game returns football player to the existing day, but is heavily implied to be a vision that the future, i beg your pardon was further reinforced by Thor"s identical cameo in the Ragnarök trailer.

Between the two images of Thor - the statue, and his dream visit come the Kratos abode - there"s yes, really nothing that says what he actually looks like. Statues, specifically those portraying gods, are often idealized, and since Thor"s is in Midgard, it"s feasible that it was built by someone who had actually never even seen the god that thunder. The challenge of the frosting has little detail, and even if personality dialogue and also the statue"s associated quest didn"t directly mention it"s an alleged to be Thor, the brandished hammer provides it reasonably obvious.

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The same deserve to be said about Thor"s appearance in Atreus" vision. The lightning and Mjolnir are dead giveaways that it is Thor, however nothing around the cloaked character design is descriptive sufficient to suggest to him having a definite look before the official Ragnarök character artwork. One might have the ability to argue that their body species are a little bit different, but the rest of the game requires more suspension of id than that takes to imagine Thor"s cloak hiding his belly. Besides, Thor"s illustration in Atreus" vision is unreliable because it"s a dream-like sequence from a personality that has actually never met Thor, so his character model in God of war Ragnarök has no precedent.