This service may be offered either at noon or in the night of great Friday. That is preferable that there room no paraments, banners, flowers, or decorations on good Friday except, perhaps, representations of the way of the cross. The Lord\"s table, pulpit, and other furnishings should be bare of cloth, candles, or noþeles else no actually offered in the service. The cross continues to be visible, but it and also any permanently fixed photos may it is in veiled. By partially concealing the cross, the veil likewise calls fist to it. The shade scarlet is argued for a veil end the cross.

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Appropriate music might be offered while the people gather, yet silence is preferable. The pastor, choir, and other leader of worship enter in silence.


Christ himself bore our guilty in his human body on the tree.

That we might die come sin and also live to righteousness.

Let united state pray.

The complying with or great Friday (UMH 284) is said:

Almighty God,your boy Jesus Christ to be lifted high top top the crossso the he can draw the whole human being to himself.Grant the we, that glory in this fatality for our salvation,may additionally glory in his speak to to take up our cross and follow him;through Jesus Christ ours Lord. Amen.

said from UMH:


Christ\"s Gracious Life: Passion and Death

626Let every Mortal Flesh keep Silence


Because she Hast Said

425O Crucified Redeemer


Canticle of Christ\"s Obedience

633The Bread Life for all Is Broken


SCRIPTURE great Isaiah 52:13 –53:12


PSALM 22 (UMH 752)

Hebrews 10:16 –25

PROCLAMATION that THE passion STORY man 18:1 –19:42

The an excellent Friday narrative might be proclaimed in among several ways:

1) The longer or shorter version of the enthusiasm story might be read considerably as argued for Passion/Palm Sunday, or a single reader might be preferred. The version supplied in the organization of Tenebrae (UMBOW 355 ff.)is recommended since it much more accurately translates the Greek text and thereby stays clear of blaming all Jewish people for the suffering and also death of Jesus, as some translations may imply.

2) A choral setting of the passion narrative may be sung through the choir.

3) Hymns may be interspersed at proper intervals in ~ the reading of John\"s enthusiasm narrative, as on Passion/Palm Sunday or in the organization of Tenebrae.

Ordinarily the Proclamation of the enthusiasm Story takes the place of a sermon, but situations might arise that call for preaching a sermon.



HYMN see suggestions.

If desired, a level wooden cross might now be carried into the church and also placed in the sight of the people.


During silent Meditation and The Reproaches, persons might be invited to come forward informally to kneel briefly before the overcome or touch it.


Any or every one of the following reproaches might be spoken, through the congregation responding as indicated listed below or singing after every stanza, Jesus, mental Me ( UMH 488) or psychic Me ( UMH 491). A time of silence might be preserved after every stanza.

1) O mine people, O my Church,what have I done to you, or in what have I offended you?I led you soon from the land of Egyptand yielded you through the waters the baptism,but you have prepared a cross for her Savior.

Holy God, holy and mighty, holy and immortal One,have mercy upon us.

(See UMBOW singing 215 for a musical setup of this ancient prayer).

2) ns led you with the desert forty years and also fed you v manna;I brought you with times the persecution and of renewaland gave you mine body, the bread that heaven;but you have actually prepared a overcome for your Savior. R

3) i made girlfriend branches of mine vineyardand offered you the water of salvation,but as soon as I was thirsty you offered me vinegar and galland pierced through a spear the next of your Savior. R

4) i went prior to you in a column of cloud,but you have actually led me come the referee hall that Pilate.I lugged you to a floor of freedom and prosperity,but you have actually scourged, mocked, and also beaten me. R

5) I provided you a imperial scepter, and also bestowed the tricks to the kingdom,but girlfriend have provided me a crown of thorns.I increased you on high with good power,but you have hanged me on the cross. R

6) My tranquility I gave, i m sorry the civilization cannot give,and washed your feet as a servant,but you draw the knife to strike in my nameand seek high areas in mine kingdom. R

7) I welcomed the cup the suffering and also death for her sakes,but girlfriend scatter and also deny and abandon me.I sent the soul of reality to command you,but you close her hearts to guidance. R

8) I referred to as you to go and also bring forth fruit,but you cast lots for my clothing.I prayed that you all might be one,but you proceed to quarrel and also divide. R

9) i grafted you into the tree of my chosen civilization Israel,but girlfriend turned on them v persecution and also mass murder.I make you share heirs through them of my covenants,but you made castle scapegoats because that your own guilt. R

10) I involved you as the least of her brothers and also sisters.I to be hungry yet you offered me no food,thirsty however you offered me no drink.I was a stranger yet you did no welcome me,naked however you did no clothe me,sick and in prison but you did not visit me. R

A short silence follows.


The last hymn and also Dismissal might be skip to denote that we space waiting for the comes resurrection and to present the crucial unity among the solutions of the good Three Days.

See suggestions.

May Jesus Christ,who for our sake became obedient unto death, even death on a cross,keep you and strengthen you, now and also for ever. Amen.

GOING soon *

All depart in silence, except those start a prayer vigil



The seven Last Words

Services based upon the seven last indigenous (phrases) that Jesus from the cross space traditionally emerged from harmonies that the Gospel passion narratives. Likewise known together the Devotion the the Three hours (from noon on Friday come 3:00 P.M., come remember Christ\"s hours on the cross), that was an initial conducted by a Jesuit monk in Peru in the eighteenth century together a service of scripture readings v prayers and also hymns interspersed. End the year it has end up being popular in Protestant circles in England and North America. The common order that the readings is gift here. Visuals, music, drama, or liturgical dance might be work imaginatively.

1) Luke 23:34 Father, forgive them.
2) Luke 23:43Today you will be through me in paradise.
3) man 19:26 –27 Woman, right here is your son.
4) mark 15:34, Matthew 27:46 My God, why have actually you forsaken me?
5) man 19:28 I am thirsty.
6) man 19:30a It is finished.
7) Luke 23:46Into her hands i commend my spirit.

The way of the Cross

The means (or Stations) of the Cross has been a common method of participating in the passion (suffering) of Christ together a component of an excellent Friday services. The company may be performed in the church or outdoors with stops (stations) at assorted locations. Preventing at each terminal reminds the participant of different moments that Christ\"s passion journey and encourages reflection and contemplation. Visuals, music, drama, or liturgical dance might be work imaginatively. A prayer, through kneeling, and hymn may follow every reading. Its incentive came indigenous the desire come imitate the journeys of at an early stage Christian pilgrims to the holy Land, specifically to the places of Christ\"s redemptive suffering. The version available here different from traditional ones in the it has only stations with a biblical basis.

Station the the Cross



1) Jesus prays alone.

Luke 22:39 –44

Take this cup native me.

2) Jesus is arrested.

Matthew 26:47 –56

Have friend come v swords?

3) Sanhedrin do the efforts Jesus.

Mark 14:61 –64

Are girlfriend the Christ?

4) Pilate do the efforts Jesus.

John 18:33 –37

Are you King that the Jews?

5) Pilate sentence Jesus.

Mark 15:6 –15

Crucify him.

6) Jesus attract crown.

John 19:5

Here is the man.

7) Jesus dead his cross.

John 10:17 –18

I put it down of mine own.

8) Simon dead cross.

Luke 23:26

Simon the Cyrene

9) Jesus speak to the women.

Luke 23:27 –31

Weep because that yourselves.

10) Jesus is crucified.

Luke 23:33 –34

Jesus top top the cross

11) criminals speak come Jesus.

Luke 23:39 –43

Today you will be with me.

12) Jesus speak to Mary, John.

John 19:25 b –27

Woman, this is your son.

13) Jesus dies on the cross.

John 19:28–34

It is accomplished.

14) Jesus is set in tomb.

John 19:38–42

There lock laid Jesus.

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Holy Saturday

Merciful and also everliving God, Creator of heaven and earth,the crucified body of your son was laid in the tomband rest on this holy day.Grant the we may await with him the dawning the the 3rd dayand rise in newness that life, through Jesus Christ ours Redeemer. Amen.(THE publication OF typical PRAYER, U.S.A., 20TH CENT., ALT.)

For a full organization for divine Saturday occurred by Discipleship Ministries, click here.Download native Document