BIRMINGHAM RAPPER D4NNY probably dreamed the his music video would get hundreds of thousands of hits, and boy has it.

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The video for his tune Goodbye has actually gone viral, yet probably no for the right reasons.

There’s no point in trying to explain it really, however what we will say is the it includes autotune, counter-rhythm, and h8in’.

See because that yourself.


Could it it is in real? A marketing exercise? A joke?

D4nny’s Facebook web page would seem to indicate that that is not.

This is no his first foray right into music either…and actually…maybe this, native February, is really the worst track ever.


Suppose you have to give him clues for acquiring off his arse and also trying, eh? we’d love to watch him cover acquire Lucky.

VIDEO: Kid’s cymbal division mid-performance, hilarity ensues>

Dad and also toddler execute über-cute Beatles duet>



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