I have actually upgraded from the Pixel 2, i beg your pardon I obtained the 2 years countless original quality photograph uploads with Google Photos, as well the 5 i beg your pardon doesn't incorporate this anymore. I have been uploading in initial quality together I was able too.

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AFAIK, uploading in High quality compresses the image if it's under 16mp. V the Pixel camera gift 12.3mp, go this typical I have the right to upload in High Quality and also not in reality lose and also quality whatsoever?


If you pixel-peep friend will uncover minimal distinctions in certain photos yet you really have to look for it. Imho it's virtually irrelevant, due to the fact that the only case where it could matter is once you actually publish the image in a particular size (or above). However if someone intends to publish photos in these sizes and also cares the much around quality smartphone photos will certainly fall quick anyway.

And if there yes, really was part shot the you would find super important, then you might just conserve it in original quality.

Thanks because that the reply. I have a Google one account with 100gb anyway ns am just thinking for future proofing. Ns guess you're right, the little of compression realistically won't make any type of difference I simply don't prefer the idea the not having the initial quality obtainable should I desire it!

Under the "High Quality" setting, whatever is compressed. It's not just photos under 16MP. The 16MP limit describes the downsizing of photos to 16MP if they are larger than that but this is in enhancement to the compression.

For most people, the compression doesn't do a noticeable distinction with images. Videos, on the other hand, space a various story.

I made a comparable thread before and what I acquired was:

Photos aren't a big difference, nearly unnoticeable, yet if you intended to edit them, climate you'll notice more of a difference.

Videos room compressed a ton and also it's an extremely visible.

Everything is compressed under High Quality, precise everything. If it's bigger 보다 16MP the will simply be resized as well.

Also high quality for video sucks balls.

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