Who gets the many out that the Exalt Brand in Fire Emblem Fates Revelations? I know this topic has actually been posted plenty of times, yet none of lock really provide a solid answer. I"ve currently used mine Hero"s Brand (Lodestar) on Xander, and just want to gain the Exalt Brand out of mine inventory because there"s only among each as of now.

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It"s pretty much a question of that you want to abuse vantage + awakening on imo.

Two options I commonly go with is dreadfighter/master ninja FCorrin, or witch Ophilia armed with Mjolnir with her active an individual skill.

I"d go v FCorrin to have funny setups favor vantage, awakening, nohrian to trust + two breakers, and also pair with jakob.

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Ophelia or Scarlet.Scarlet might seem one odd choice, yet if that is true you can hit her with Tankumi (Ballistician Takumi), girlfriend can conveniently activate Vantage, she personal, and Awakening all through consistency and ease. Through this setup, and also a an excellent 1-2 crit" weapon (Barb Shuriken?), girlfriend can easily reach 85% crit". Add Gamble and also it becomes 95%. Assuming grasp Ninja for the S-Rank, girlfriend hit 100% crit" there is no calculating for skill, pair-ups, or having to use fatality Blow. Food for thought.Ophelia is similar. She doesn"t have the ridiculous an individual Scarlet has actually for the build, but she doesn"t need to be subject to trusted fire to begin crit"ing either.Another idea can be Midori. While no as an effective as the abovementioned two, through something prefer Quixotic/Hoshidan Unity/Nohrian Trust/Vantage/Awakening, a crit" weapon, and Kaze sustaining with Miracle/(Favorite/Four/Proc/Skills) you get quite the spectacular light show.

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The best thing around the an excellent Lord class, through far, is the Awakening skill.

When HP is under half, struggle rate, Avoid, an essential rate and an important Evade +30In my Birthright playthrough, I conserved this for a Trueblade Hinoka!Matoi, back it can have unable to do to someone better.

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Her skill collection was Awakening, Life and Death, Duelist"s Blow, Astra, and Vantage. She is paired up with Gurei, an elite Ninja that has twin Guardsman and also other points that don"t matter, since that poor boy never sees the irradiate of day.

Matoi holds a Sunrise Katana, Hagakure, and also Vengeance Katana. The strategy is for her to host the Vengeance Katana until she is at