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Teachers have long used lecture with PowerPoints, Google Slides, and also other tools to supply content. With advancements in education technology, we have to ask some necessary questions about this practice.You are watching: Guided note maker

What strategy does no differentiate, is teacher-centered, and also requires all students to occupational at approximately the exact same pace?


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What is the most an overwhelming classroom management challenge?

Getting students come quietly hear to the teacher for long periods the time.

How deserve to we differentiate, allow students work at their very own pace, it is in student-centered, and also make classroom monitoring easier?

Stop lecturing.

Google Classroom lets teachers provide content there is no speaking to the whole class while still utilizing existing resources.

Here room 4 measures to do this work in Google Classroom:


Rather than lecture, teachers can use their resources (such together a Google Slides presentation) to screencast themselves explaining content. Teachers deserve to do this for cost-free using Screencastify. Teacher should write-up the screencast video clip to YouTube therefore students can benefit from their instruction worldwide.

Guided Notes

My colleague at Springfield Township High School, Jessica Riley, noticed her students’ note-taking lacked structure. She arisen guided notes sheets for this reason students had a framework with bolder headings and tables to organize notes. These guided note sheets are easily made right into hyperdocs with web links to further resources such as websites, YouTube videos, and other Google drive files. Below is an example of a guided notes sheet.

Rather 보다 a standard lecture, student individually clock the video clip at their own pace on their devices as they complete the guided notes sheet in Google Docs. Many thanks to Google Classroom, all student notes sheets space in one ar for teacher and also student. No more missing notebooks and also students questioning for pencils. If students desire to watch the video clip on your laptop while completing the guided note on their smartphones, teacher should enable that together well.


This is wherein differentiation come in. EdPuzzle is a great cost-free tool that teachers deserve to use come easily include assessment to video. The screencast video clip can be loaded into EdPuzzle with questions students answer together they watch. Teachers might assign this video clip as remediation because that students who execute poorly top top an evaluate or the whole class could complete the EdPuzzle at their own pace.


Teachers deserve to use TED-Ed to go deeper v the original lesson. The screencast video clip can quickly be loaded right into a TED-Ed lesson. This allows teachers to add questions and also links to additional resources and also discussion prompts.

Together every four components live in the very same assignment in Google Classroom:


The Benefits:

Using Google Classroom because that guided notes allows teachers to invest time conferencing with students fairly than struggling to hold the totality class’s attention. Students deserve to learn at their very own pace. All lesson components are always accessible online for students who require multiple methods to learn. Absent students can catch up without speaking to or e-mailing the teacher. Additionally, the mechanism is paperless and also all notes room organized and searchable. Teachers have the right to see every note every student absorbs their classroom.

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