This food processor seems to have every little thing going for it – huge capacity, easy of use, a powerful motor, but most of every a an excellent price. However what is the one thing that irked users the most? my Hamilton Beach large Mouth deluxe 14-Cup food processor review offers you the inside scoop.

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If did you do it been home window shopping because that a food processor, the huge Mouth’s budget plan friendly price and features will absolutely get her attention.

Note: This testimonial is for design #70575


A generosity 14-Cup BPA-free job-related bowl is had with this model. This bow can handle huge amounts the ingredients, so you won’t discover yourself preventing midway with to empty the key to start another batch. It’s perfect for shredding many cabbage because that coleslaw and also holding numerous sliced potatoes for her favorite scalloped potatoes recipe.

Ok, the sticking suggest for some individuals is the it is a 14-cup bowl, so just how come the liquid maximum is only around 4-5 cups? The thing is, all food processors (not simply this model), the stated cup capacity is for dry ingredients and also not liquids.

The reason for this is that liquid ingredients are very light and the food processor pushes that liquid up the sides of the bowl. What you finish up with if you add too much liquid is a big, leaky chaos coming the end of the top of the bowl.

Remember the that volume is the liquid-only capacity. If you’re mixing both dry and also wet ingredients climate you have an ext room to work-related with so if you making her favorite pureed soup and including potatoes and also broccoli come a soup base climate just readjust your recipe to satisfy the fluid maximum capacity.

An alternative is come mix smaller sized batches or just acquire a blender.

Size of feeding Tube

The “Big Mouth” feed pipe is integrated into the key lid and it too has actually its own lid with a latch top top it. The

Knead Dough

No dough blade comes with the big Mouth Deluxe, which is not inexplicable for food processors in this price range.


Rotary style control with 3 speeds plus pulse control and off, which is an excellent for any kind of processing you desire to do.

Pulse – Is the highest possible speed. Pulsing on and off provides the finest results particularly when using the chopping blade

#1 – Is low speed. Use for slicing or shredding difficult cheeses

#2 – Is tool speed. Use for slicing fruits and veggies

#3 – Is high speed. Have the right to be used while chopping, mix or pueering


Surprisingly, the engine on this design is 525 watts. I beg your pardon is a plus due to the fact that most low end food processors usually have a 400-450 watt motor. Even the KitchenAid KFP0711cu which costs an ext than the huge Mouth Deluxe, only has actually a 300-watt motor.

The motor is an effective enough come handle all of your slicing, dicing and also chopping, also hard foodstuffs like cheese and also meat.


The Hamilton Beach huge Mouth deluxe food processor has actually multiple chisels to assist you gain dinner ~ above the table faster.

Stainless stole Chopping/Mixing Blade – The most versatile food processing attachment. You deserve to do for this reason much more with the than just chopping. You deserve to make healthy recipes that food you generally would buy in ~ the store.

I love ice cream, however lately I’ve to be passing increase on it. Why? since I’m paying much more attention come the reading labels on everything I buy. Just one look in ~ the ingredient list on my favourite brand and also I hurriedly placed the container back into the freezer.

No should buy an ice cream machine to make your own homemade preservative free ice cream and also avoid all the sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Simply freeze some bananas, throw them in the food processor and voilà: 5 minutes later on your soft offer ice cream is ready. Peak with healthy ingredients for a actual treat.

You can likewise use this tongue to make cauliflower rice (mashed cauliflower) as a healthier alternative to mashed potatoes. The cauliflower is only 27 calories per cup when the potatoes have actually 116 calories every cup.

Stainless stole Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc – One tongue does double duty, but it is no adjustable. Ditch the pre-shredded bagged cheese and make her own. If bagged cheese may be convenient, that has added additives favor Cellulose Powder and also Calcium Sulfate.

With this key you can have fresh shredded cheese for your omelets or pasta dishes.

Stainless steel French fry Blade – An added blade not usually had even in food processors costing a lot more. For instance, if you want to purchase the Cuisinart DLC-10S, expense $100 and also needed a french fried food cutter, that is going to cost you $30.

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Users to be impressed v the french fry blade. Making use of it is much faster than cutting the potatoes by hand to do your own fresh and healthy homemade sweet potato fries, just bake instead of fry to reduced the fat. You may have to experiment through it a bit though, till you gain the potato to come the end the means you want them and not end up together hash brown.

Hamilton Beach big Mouth luxurious Dimensions

Height: 19 inches

Width: 10.9 inches

Depth: 10.9 inches

Weight: 12 lbs

Additional Features

There space some other functions worth stating here.

The cutting blades are basic to change, they on slide in and also out. They are clearly marked for this reason you recognize which next is for slicing or shredding, no more guessing.Both the chopping blade and also the reversible slicing/shredding bowl fit inside the work bowl for straightforward storage.Suction cups on the bottom of the machine keeps that from moving roughly on the respond to while it is in use.The strength cord is stored in the basic of the machine, keeping it from hanging under on her countertop.The integrated safety mechanism method the processor would certainly not operate unless the key is linked firmly come the base, the lid is locked to the bowl and also finally the latch on the feed pipe is locked as well.

Hamilton Beach large Mouth Deluxe had Accessories

14-Cup BPA-free job-related bowlFood Chute LidLarge Food PusherSmall Food PusherChopping/Mixing BladeReversible Slicing/Shredding DiscFrench fry Blade


Large 14-cup capacityEasy to setup and take downEasy come usePowerfulEasy come cleanBuilt in cord storageSuction cup on baseVery fastDishwasher safe parts


LoudLarge, bulky and tall – might not to the right under cabinetsDifficult to eliminate food indigenous the bowl without make a mess on the counter

Hamilton Beach large Mouth luxurious Reviews and Ratings

Lots the positive, happy customers. Many users said it was far better than they thought it would be. Castle

Quite a few users to be disappointed that the machine can only process about 4 cups of liquid. They couldn’t know why it says 14-cup capacity but yet only host such a small amount the liquids.

However a food processors primary duty is to procedure dry ingredients and also not a lot of liquids. So if you anticipate doing many soups and also sauces, you can either procedure your cooking recipes in tiny batches or purchase a blender.

Also, some users claimed that if you take the chopping tongue out an initial before emptying the bowl, yet when you take the bowl off the base, foods loss through the feet in the bottom that the bowl wherein the blade was fitted.

As a workaround, you can leave the blade in the key or just place another bowl beneath the job-related bowl to capture the food the is escaping with that hole.

A couple of reviews said the “big mouth” is not that large because that is divided into 2 parts, which method you cannot put a whole large potato or tomato in. You have actually to reduced it up first. Yes, the feed tube lid is split into 2 to accommodate both the large and the tiny feed pushers.

I watched a video demonstration of it in activity and the tube was able to take a big chunk the cheese. What you perform is placed your food in the pipe itself, then pressure it down with the large food pusher part. For this reason yes, it deserve to take a totality potato or tomato.

Despite that is drawbacks, the majority of users claimed this is a hard food processor the they would gladly recommend to their friends and also family.


You deserve to pick increase the Hamilton Beach huge Mouth luxurious 14-Cup Food Processor for around $50. This is a cheap for such a big capacity, a 525 watt engine plus the french-fry disc.


The Hamilton Beach big Mouth deluxe 14-Cup food processor is a solid an equipment with features that room normally discovered in equipments costing double as much. Users prefer the french-fry disc that comes standard v this model.

The an equipment seems qualified of act what the is an alleged to do. Users provide it high marks for shredding cheese, a process that many food processors in this price selection cannot handle really well. That also great at chopping vegetables and also will undoubtedly reduced your enjoy the meal prep time in half.

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If you don’t need to make dough and want a an equipment that works for a budget-friendly price, then you should include the huge Mouth deluxe to your list.