I have been working on this project alone due to the fact that 2015 as my understand in my totally free time. Below is a attach to the first trailer, hope you favor it:

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More detailed info:

Hard ancient Life is an economic type of city-building following in the valley of the Nile. The story beginning in a little-known protodynastic period in which friend will have the ability to observe the bear of the Old Egypt and finished through the fatality of Cleopatra VII.

The many important element is the skillful administration of city planning by shaping the grid of streets, buildings and also their mutual relation. Well-designed city will greatly improve financial efficiency i beg your pardon may convert into city income. And there will be much to build because there are dozens the different buildings at the player’s handle which encompass 17 house levels.

Diplomacy and also politics:

The governor will confront very challenging choices to it is in made in a constantly an altering political environment. I have lot of money expeditions, Pharaoh and also other cities requests, army threat and a mixture the different societies will be a commonplace. A collection of wrong selections can expense the ns of commerce partners and low attention in the city by settlers. Moreover, the total lack of obedience come the rulers may end up v a polite war.


In comparison to the prototype, religion has actually been moved to a much an ext realistic way. Divine being will still be able to interfere with daily life however it will certainly be done implicitly. The main element of religious beliefs will be satisfying the require for access to the areas of worship, offering supplies for temples or organizing festivals. Neglecting this round may result in a dangerous social unrest on a par v e.g. Famine.


Trade is the many important element in imperial treasury. There is no it, it is very an overwhelming for economic stability built solely ~ above taxes. Therefore, in the interest of the player, developing goods for export at prices that will be maybe to readjust dynamically relying on the political geography situation, will be required.


What would the real ancient Egypt be without its significant sacred architecture? There space mastabas, obelisks, Karnak among others, the Ramesseum and of food the pyramids that room waiting to be built. Girlfriend will have the ability to observe the slow procedure of construction.

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A team of carpenters, masons, architects and also ordinary workers will rise structure step through step. It will certainly not be just a graphic function - the building process is costly and will have actually an affect on the finances or the public mood.