In this post, I’m share 9 warm transfer vinyl jobs that friend can shot right now to produce a long-lasting iron-on job with your Cricut/Silhouette and also the EasyPress. These warmth transfer vinyl projects are super simple to make as soon as you have actually mastered exactly how to apply iron-on vinyl.


Hello, Cricut buddies! Jav here from cut N do Crafts. Today, I’m sharing some an extremely unique heat transfer vinyl projects ideas that you can have never ever seen before.

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What is heat Transfer Vinyl/Iron-on Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl or iron-on vinyl is a one-of-a-kind vinyl that needs heat to adhere come the surface. It will certainly not pole if there’s no heat present which provides it perfect for applications on t-shirts, leather, corkboard and also so numerous other surfaces that I’m going come share through you in this post.

Benefits of warm Transfer /Iron-on Vinyl

There room some amazing reasons why you need to use a warmth transfer vinyl instead of iron-on vinyl. For example:

Heat transfer vinyl lasts much longer than adhesive vinyl due to the fact that it uses warm for application. The heat allows the vinyl to permanently adhere to the surface ar of the fabric thus staying clear of it indigenous peeling.Heat transport vinyl is very versatile. This way it can be applied to a range of surface to develop a long-lasting project.

How to use Heat Transfer/Iron-on Vinyl

To apply heat transfer vinyl, girlfriend would require to an initial cut that out utilizing a cut machine. Girlfriend can additionally use her hands to reduced out the warm transfer vinyl, however, this will certainly not be practical for cutting out detailed shapes and texts. Therefore, friend would have to use a cutting an equipment for instance a Cricut or a Silhouette to reduced out the vinyl. I have a finish step-by-step indict on cutting and applying warmth transfer vinyl that you can inspect out here:How to use warmth transfer vinyl for Cricut. the comes v a ONE-hour long video loaded v a ton of tips on applying heat deliver vinyl.

Things to keep in Mind when Working with heat Transfer/Iron-on Vinyl

You can use heat carry vinyl come a range of surfaces, however, because that it come stick permanently it’s essential to follow the right temperature, pressure, timing, and also peeling instructions. These instructions differ for different heat transfer vinyl. Foil iron-on vinyl will need a various temperature when used to wood as protest to fabric.

I know, this have the right to be pretty daunting to store track the therefore, I’ve developed this AH-MAZING overview to assist you out. The lists all the vinyl from 2 of the ideal companies; Cricut and also Siser along with the ideal temperature, pressure, and also peeling settings to use with each vinyl.

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9 warm Transfer Vinyl tasks to Try

Now, let’s have a look at some heat Transfer Vinyl jobs you can shot at residence with your cutting device and one EasyPress/iron.

1. Warm Transfer/Iron-On Vinyl top top Wood


Did friend know warm transfer vinyl can be used to wood? Imagine the possibilities! Using warmth transfer vinyl friend can develop personalized wood boards to provide as presents knowing because that a reality that the vinyl will not come turn off after washing because it has adhered with the assist of heat. Examine out this practice chopping plank I developed for my hubby utilizing Cricut day-to-day Iron-on Vinyl and my EasyPress.

2. Warm Transfer/Iron-On Vinyl top top Canvas


You can also use warmth transfer vinyl/iron-on vinyl ~ above canvas also if it’s coated through acrylic paint. This is just amazing together adhesive vinyl is tough to rod on the canvas. With warm transfer vinyl, you’ll be in ~ peace due to the fact that it sticks come the canvas permanently. Examine out this warm transfer vinyl canvas project I produced for my living room. Girlfriend can uncover the finish tutorial because that this warmth transfer vinyl project here:Repurpose Old Canvas Art v Cricut

Make sure you use the exactly temperature, pressure, and also peeling settings as discussed in The ultimate Life-Saver Vinyl overview for Beginners.

3. Warmth Transfer Vinyl on Cardstock


Did you recognize you can also use warm transfer vinyl top top cardstock!?!? Yes, you can. This is perfect for developing a gorgeously sparkly card v holographic vinyl or even glitter vinyl.

4. Warm Transfer Vinyl top top Cork

5. Heat Transfer Vinyl ~ above Leather

You can use warm transfer vinyl on leather to develop some gorgeous practice leather gifts for her loved ones. Use warm transfer/iron-on vinyl to add monograms come leather accessories to create luxury gift items for your friends and family members. Be sure to follow the correct settings for temperature, pressure, and also peeling as discussed in The can be fried Life-Saver Vinyl guide for beginners so that the warmth transfer vinyl does not come off later.

6. Heat Transfer Vinyl top top Felt

You can also add heat transfer vinyl to felt come make practice embroideries as displayed in the video clip below.

7. Warmth Transfer Vinyl on Chipboard

Heat carry vinyl can likewise be applied to chipboard to develop various artworks. In The can be fried Life-Saver Vinyl guide for Beginners,you will discover the ideal temperature, pressure, and also peel settings along with tips on using heat transport vinyl to chipboard so the it lasts long.

8. Warm Transfer Vinyl ~ above Silk

Heat move vinyl is perfect for using to silk robes and also sashes for developing bridal shower/baby shower head robes and also other items. However, treatment should it is in taken in utilizing the right temperature and also time settings, due to the fact that silk is a very delicate material therefore having The can be fried Life-Saver Vinyl guide for Beginners,will it is in super handy.

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9. Warmth Transfer Vinyl ~ above Wool

You can also use iron-on vinyl on wool to develop customized gifts and also to include labels to kids’ items of clothing. Here’s a rapid tutorial on exactly how to use iron-on vinyl ~ above wool.

The mystery for producing Long-lasting Iron-on Projects

To prevent iron-on/heat move vinyl from peeling after a wash, it’s ideal to use the encourage temperature, time, pressure, and peel settings as argued by the company. I recognize it have the right to be really an overwhelming to save track of all the settings therefore, I’ve developed The can be fried Life-Saver Vinyl guide for beginner to assist you out! This overview will not only present you the appropriate temperature etc. But it will tell you WHAT vinyl to usage WHEN together with secrets on just how to weed and also apply vinyl CORRECTLY.