Independent exercise 1: Reading and also Making Histograms

You are listed with an age and class based frequency distribution. Answer the questions based upon the data.

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Independent practice 2

What is the distinction of players playing tennis and basketball based upon the data distribution?


Data exercise Sheet

Example questions: How countless medals college C won much less than school B? What is the highest possible life expectancy for any type of country?

reading Histograms Worksheet

Which subject has lowest variety of students passed? How plenty of students happen in biological than have actually passed math?

Reading and also Making Sense

Which Year has actually highest sale? What is the revenue in million dollars for year 2005? How numerous total accidents occurred in may and also june together?

Making Histograms

Histograms are favor bar graphs, but the bars are drawn so they touch every other. Histograms are used to aid make sense if numerical data. Histograms are used if the data can be separated into unique groupings or categories.

Making Hockey competition Histograms

Mark takes component in a hockey tournament and also scores many goals. The tournament consists of 20 matches. The number of objectives that he scored are displayed below. Organize them in order of term 5 and also take the assist of offered table.

Frequency of hours of playing Cricket

A mother asked his kid how numerous hours did he play cricket every job of a month.

Soccer Histogram

The table listed below shows the no. Of objectives that a team scored in the national level tournament.

Frequency of Cookies

Dick buys a different number of cookies top top 30 occasions. The results are displayed as below. Using the data, price the questions.

Making a book Sale Histogram

Ted goes come the market and also sells books on 20 consecutive days. The sales results are presented as below; he already organized castle in order.

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Reading Histograms

From the above table, in 1999-2000, 30 student passed i beg your pardon is represented by a bar as shown below. As seen the peak of the bar aligns with ‘30’ which reflects that 30 students passed in the year. Similarly the remainder of the readings are drawn on the plane.