Long ago, warriors known as the Úlfhéðnar stalked the lands of Northern Europe. These terrifying skinchangers had the traits of wolves, and the eye of Odin upon them. In this blog, I will share my journey to perfect my fighting, and bringing to life among these warriors: an Úlfhéðinn in the SCA.

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The time has come for me to go totally into the land also of conjecture! I’ve been kicking this topic roughly for a while and also have yet to have the ability to acquire anypoint concrete on it. Warpaint was provided by the prehistoric Norse warriors. It’s a toss-up: some world use texts by al-Tartushi and also ibn Fadlan to say “yes they did”, others point to those very same texts and say that they are just proof of makeup, not war paint. Both approaches have actually their merits. The papers were composed in the time of relaxed meetings, so descriptions of makeup would not be warpaint; but having actually the innovation to make eyeblack indicates that it’s just a tiny jump to actually making use of it at war, especially given contact through world that did usage it in battle. Tbelow is additionally talk around facial tattoos as marqueens that never disappear. For the purposes of this post, I’m going to make the leap of conjecture (yes, I understand it’s a leap) that the warpaint isn’t stated in the sagas because it was normal. Warriors painted their faces to scare their opponents, it wouldn’t be the only thing that the ancestors did to give themselves a mental advantage. There is evidence of filing teeth and accounts of damaging battle cries. All these things chalk approximately a society in which war paint would not be out of place.

I’m going to break this down into three parts: what was used somewhere else in period, what might have actually been supplied in the North in period, and what I actually usage. I’ll start off with what I actually usage. Right now, I’m making use of a kind of eyebabsence used by athletes to take glare off their eyes. It deserve to be purchased at most sporting items stores, and also the one I have actually comes in a tube which provides it simple to use. It’s quite comparable to greasepaint, and also the texture is probably not also far off from one of the fat- or wax-based versions from background. Once I had actually found what I was going to use, I started working out various fads that I might wear, and also bereason it’s barely visible in my helm, I have actually taken to simply making use of a black bar across my eyes. The end result is the illusion of seeing only the whites of my eyes and also black shadows with the eye slits in my helm. When I was at Gulf Wars, I added teeth to the mask for display once waiting between battles. Due to the fact that tbelow is no proof or accounts of what might have actually been provided, my style process has been based on things that would certainly have actually been straightforward to apply. I am going to start functioning on a design that represents ulfheðinn, something reminiscent of a wolf.

On to what was actually supplied elsewhere in history: I have actually spoken through a number of friends in regards to what was used in their locations. One who researcs Egyptian culture told me that in primitive Egypt, the make-up had a binding agent such as pet fats or oil, and also a pigment. Their pigments were generally made of minerals. To get a great black, they used lead galena which was (at the time) unknown to be toxic. The makeup made from lead was dubbed kohl, and not just offered for cosmetic factors, however handy ones also, such regarding reduce glare and also save insects away from the eyes.
A little bit bit closer to my very own region, Tacitus provides several mentions of a Germanic tribe, the Harii, blackening their skin to blfinish right into the night and also terrify their foes. I was able to discover a recipe that is thshould be Anglo-Saxon in origin, and a tiny closer to my time period. It provides beeswax and oil as the binding agent, and also charcoal as the pigment. All of these ingredients would have actually been numerous in the Northlands. Beeswax would certainly have actually been basic to get, given that apisociety was prevalent, and also charcoal is anywhere. This second recipe could conveniently have been traded with a person living in Rus lands.

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All in all, the principle of ulfheðinn making use of facepaint/body paint isn’t that big a leap. Makeup of comparable forms exist with all areas and also most durations of history, which implies that the modern technology was there. An also even more straight link is the theory that the Harii, the tribe mentioned by Tacitus, are thneed to be a very early variation of the Odinic Warrior Cult, the very same tradition that ulfheðinn reexisting. Throughout history, warriors have actually sshould terrify their adversaries, to win the fight of the eyes before the lines are ever met. The ancestors would have actually been no various. In the meantime, while we wait for more proof, the practical reasons of eyeblack are even more than sufficient for me to wear it.
Do you guys like warpaint? Have you checked out evidence for its usage or against? Let me recognize in the comments!