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Holy God, we praise Thy Name

Translator: Clarence A. Walworth; author (attributed to): Ignace FranzTune: GROSSER GOTT (11171)Published in 192 hymnalsPrintable scores: PDF, MusicXMLPlayable presentation: text only, lyrics + musicAudio files: MIDI, RecordingSong easily accessible on
Holy God, We praise Your Name

Ten singing Acclamations

Holy God We worship Thy Name

1 holy God, we prayer thy name.God of all, us bow before thee.All on planet your scepter claim;all in heav’n above adore thee.Infinite thy substantial domain,everlasting is your reign.

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2 Hark, the loud celestial hymn,angel choirs over are raising.Cherubim and also seraphim,in unceasing chorus praising,fill the heav’ns with sweet accord:Holy, holy, divine Lord.

3 Lo! the apostolic trainjoin thy spiritual name come hallow.Prophets swell the happy refrain,and the blessed martyrs follow,and, native morn till set of sun,through the church the tune goes on.

4 divine Author, divine Word,Holy Spirit, 3 we name thee;still, one holy voice is heard:undivided God, we insurance claim thee,and adoring bend the knee,while we own the mystery.

1 Großer Gott, wir loben dich!Herr, wir preisen deine Stärke!Vor dir neigt die Erde sichund bewundert deine Werke.Wie du warst vor aller Zeit,so bleibst du in Ewigkeit!

2 Alles, was dich preisen kann,Cherubim und Seraphinen,stimmen dir ein Loblied an,alle Engel dice dir dienen,rufen dir stets ohne Ruh:“Heilig, heilig, heilig!” zu.

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3 Heilig, Herr Gott Zebaoth!Heilig, Herr der Himmelsheere! Starker Helfer in der Not;Himmel, Erde, Luft und Meeresind erfüllt von deinem Ruhm;alles ist dein Eigentum.

4 Auf dem ganzen Erdenkreisloben Große und auch Kleine;dich, Gott Vater; dir zum Preissingt dice heilige Gemeinde,sie verehrt auf seinem Throndeinen eingebornen Sohn.Source: Voices with each other #126
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Translator: Clarence A. Walworth

Walworth, Clarence Alphonsus, born in 1820, graduated at Union College, 1838, admitted to the Bar 1841, studied for the to adjust of good news Episcopal Church, yet subsequently to be ordained as a monk of the roman inn Catholic communion, and also became Rector the St. Mary\"s, Albany, in 1864. He was among the founders of the stimulate of the Paulists in the U.S.A. He published The gentle Skeptic, N.Y., 1863, and Andiatoroctè, or the night of Lady Day, &c, N.Y., 1888. His depicted of the dare Deum, \"Holy God, we. Praise Thy name,\" p. 1133, ii. 7, is in the Catholic Psalmist, Dublin, 1858, p. 170. In the American Episcopal Hymnal, 1892, it starts with stanza ii., contempt altered, together \"Hark, the loud celestial hymn.\" He died in 1900.…Go to person page >

Author (attributed to): Ignace Franz

Ignaz Franz Poland 1719-1790. Born at Protzau, Silesia, he learned in Glaz andf Breslau. In 1742 he came to be a roman Catholic priest. He served as chaplain in ~ Gross-Glogau and also vicar of Glogau in Silesia. In 1753 he to be appointed archpriest in ~ Schlawa, and assessor to the apostolic vicar\"s office in Breslau in 1766. He additionally functioned together the Assessor for Theological Affairs at the Apostolic Vicariate. He wrote hymn lyrics and compiled spiritual music. His works include “Katholisches Gesangbuch” (1744). He passed away at Breslau.John PerryGo to human being page >