The army of the divine Roman Empire (German: Reichsarmee, Reichsheer or Reichsarmatur; Latin: exercitus imperii) was produced in 1422 and came come an finish when the holy Roman Empire liquified in 1806 as the an outcome of the Napoleonic Wars. It need to not be confused with the Imperial military (Kaiserliche Armee) the the Emperor.

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The military of the realm did no constitute a irreversible standing army which was constantly at the all set to fight because that the Empire. Once there to be danger, an army of the realm was mustered from among the facets constituting it, in bespeak to conduct an royal military project or Reichsheerfahrt during an royal War (Reichskrieg) or an imperial Execution (Reichsexekution). In practice, the royal troops frequently had stronger regional allegiances than their loyalty to the Emperor.


Prompted by the hazard posed through the Hussites, the imperial Diet of 1422 organized in Nuremberg produced the army of the realm by demanding details contingents of troops from the miscellaneous parts that the Empire. The Hussite Wars ongoing from 1420 come 1434, through which allude the military had confirmed its worth. End the following hundred years, the size of the military was controlled either through the variety of serving men being strictly regulated or by boundaries on the money the paid for it. At the Diet the Worms in 1521 a commitment was made to keep the strength at 20,063 infantry and also 4,202 cavalry. This was later on simplified to 20,000 and 4,000. The monthly cost of paying for an military of this dimension was recognized as the Römermonat.The royal Register (Reichsmatrikel or Heeresmatrikel) determined the contribute of the individual states comprising the Empire, the first being the register of 1422.

Contrary to renowned belief, the military of the empire did no take component in the Thirty Years" battle of 1618 come 1648. The Emperor participated in this war with the Imperial army (Kaiserliche Armee) instead.

The constitution of the army of the empire (Reichsdefensionalordnung) that 1681 finally figured out the ingredient of the army, resolving the contingents to be noted by the various imperial Circles. The basic total toughness (called in Latin the Simplum) was currently fixed in ~ 40,000 men, consisting of 28,000 infantry and also 12,000 cavalry, consisting of 2,000 dragoons (that is, an installed infantry). In emergencies, the size of the army could be boosted by copy or tripling the contingents. Together multiples were dubbed in Latin the duplum and the triplum.

The numbers for the contingents come be offered by each imperial Circle were small altered till the demise of the Empire. In practice, they to be organized right into a number of separate regiments. In some cases, money was noted instead of guys to fulfil these armed forces obligations come the Emperor.



Between the 1590s and also the 1714, the military fought in the wars directly affecting the Empire, usually with units the the Imperial military of the Empire and other neighborhood territorial forces. It did not take component in the Thirty Years" battle of 1618 come 1648 or the battle of the polishing Succession, 1732 to 1738.

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Long war (1593–1606)Second northern War (1655-1660)Scanian battle (1674–1679)Nine Years" war (1688–1697)Great Turkish battle (1683–1699)War the the Spanish succession (1701–1714)


In 1804, the imperial forces originating native the floor of the brand-new Emperor the Austria, a title developed that year, ended up being the Imperial and also Royal military (Kaiserlich-königliche Armee), which was beat by the French in ~ the war of Ulm and Austerlitz in 1805. In 1806 the victorious French organized lot of the former realm into the Confederation that the Rhine, a grouping of customer states that the French Empire, through a common federal army.

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