I call my wife "hun" a lot. Prefer "Hey, hun, what carry out you desire for dinner?"Now, i realize the it have to be "hon," unless I"m saying that she"s pertained to Atilla, however "hon" just looks wierd come me. I know that it"s short for "honey," or some variation thereof (honey bun, honeybee, etc), but it simply looks wierd. "Hon" looks prefer it need to be pronounced prefer "Han" together in Solo (though ns guess "Han" could be express "Han" favor "Hand", too....)

++What"s her dispostion?Does she throw you the end of the bathroom once she needs it, and also then leave behind a burning damages as she moves towards the kitchen?

Originally post by Skedaddler:What"s she dispostion?Does she litter you the end of the bathroom when she demands it, and then leaving behind a burning ruins as she moves toward the kitchen?
LOL. That depends.... What work of the month is it? did she acquire adequate sleep last night? has actually our child been a brat every day? -- View image here: https://cdn.wgc2010.org.net/forum/smilies/biggrin_classic.gif --

I call all girls and some gay males "hon" in social situations - it originates from working in a Philadelphia happy bar too long.

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Hon. It"s just how it"s assignment in hard-boiled detective stories as soon as the waitress flirts v the down-at-heel private dick. So, yeah.

Elkridge? Ha! uneven you live in Hampden you don"t acquire to claim any special condition -- View photo here: http://episteme.wgc2010.org/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_razz.gif --

I contact my daughter love husband so frequently that she has actually started to call me and other world honey now- "Juice, honey?" very funny indigenous a 2 year old. Oh and also I voted "hon" since I to speak honey an ext often than no so that is one abbreviation the honey for me.

Hon.Hun, besides the Attila connection, just looks weird to me.VR thataway, I also do not like the indigenous "cum" because that the exact same reason.

Voted tacon. I don"t favor either one. If ns actually liked saying one of two people of those words, I"d spell it "hon".

Hrm... Now that you cite it, "hun" does look weird when you form it out. I fail at associating words with "Attila". Maybe I"ll fall back to making use of "honey" instead.(The boyfriend calls me "hun" as well but, it sounds so cursed cute when it originates from him reason of his ireland accent.) -- View picture here: http://episteme.wgc2010.org/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_razz.gif --

AAAHHH!!!! THE HONS are COMING !!!!! -- View picture here: http://homepage.mac.com/kennedye/ars/flail.gif ---- View picture here: http://homepage.mac.com/kennedye/ars/flail.gif ---- View photo here: http://homepage.mac.com/kennedye/ars/flail.gif ---- View picture here: http://homepage.mac.com/kennedye/ars/flail.gif --Hrm.It"s "Hon". Huns were used generally by the brother in WW1 as a denigrating word versus the Germans.

The critical S.O. I dubbed "hun" ns spelled the that means deliberately, as the influence she had actually on my life was ideal likened come a rampaging horde of really short barbarians. She didn"t pick up ~ above it.As a ax of endearment, yeah, "hon" is correct.

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Hun. Like Hunny. I beg your pardon is cuter than "honey" also with the pooh reference.the atilla link is just an added funny bonus. (or is that bone-us?) -- View image here: http://episteme.wgc2010.org/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif --

Originally posted by Canis:Hon.Hun, besides the Attila connection, simply looks weird come me.VR thataway, I additionally do not prefer the indigenous "cum" because that the same reason.
This, however reversed. I use "hun", constantly have.My girl friend likes "love" and "bishie" (japanese slang supposedly it means pretty boy)to each their very own -- View photo here: http://episteme.wgc2010.org/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif --- CG


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