An occurrence at the Mohawk late Tuesday resulted in a canceled show and several differing digital accounts end who’s come blame—and what in reality happened.

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The downtown Austin, Texas, music venue explained via Instagram that the show, throughout which rapper Horus the Astroneer opened up for rapper and singer Ghostemane, had actually been canceled due to “a safety issue.” follow to fans that live-tweeted the incident and also a fan that spoke come Brooklyn Vegan, Ghostemane endangered to “shoot up” the venue ~ Horus, who opened up the show and also is his brother, obtained into a fight through the venue’s security.

The Florida rappers to speak the employee of the Mohawk beat up Horus and also broke his nose after he criticize the venue’s sound technician onstage. Two various other acts were on the bill.

— Mohawk Austin (
mohawkaustin) November 20, 2019

In the at an early stage hours of Wednesday morning, Mohawk put out a statement to numerous social media pages: “This was purely a safety concern driven by an altercation and the subsequent escalating aggression inside and also outside of our venue,” the statement reads. The venue stated it has actually a “zero-tolerance policy” as soon as it concerns “anything that could threaten the safety and security or well being the our customers or staff.”

The statement describes that employee was compelled to contact the authorities, which is “standard practice” in instances favor these. We’ve reached out to the Austin Police Department.

Just as the Mohawk’s explain was spreading online, Horus the Astroneer took to Instagram. Horus, whose genuine name is Alec Benjamin, declared that the Mohawk “decided to store my sound off during my set” and ignored inquiry to resolve the issue. “Finally I shed my cool, front of home guy said to met him after the show,” the artist’s declare reads. After Horus began “talking shit,” they cut his collection off, and, follow to his statement, wouldn’t allow him leaving the stage.

“I do the efforts to leave the stage and they boxed me in and also jumped me and broke mine nose, climate every among them dispersed from the venue v their tails in between their legs choose the dickless worms they are,” that wrote. “I’m deeply sorry for everyone who didn’t obtain to see the rest of the show, ns did not call the police myself.”


Ghostemane, likewise via Instagram Stories, said that the to meet didn’t enable him onstage “in fear of my retaliation for what they go to mine brother.”

But a fan clapped back on Twitter: “Opener plot a fool; puts down sound guy, sticks roughly the venue, headliner speak Mohawk he’s gonna shoot up the venue, the crap did he think was gonna happen,” user
hyjjus tweeted.

The autumn from the Horus incident

Horus included one more statement, touting his love for Austin, and a text exchange. “I fucking love Austin,” the artist wrote. “I been below a bunch of times and also I’ve to be dying come play a display here. Y’all room sick as fuck and also I promise we will certainly all be earlier at an really venue and also we will certainly make it approximately you.”

The message exchange shows up to be v someone who attended the concert and sent indigenous the account of their pet cat.

“Learn to take a punch prior to you litter them, pussy,” the initial message reads. “Sit your talentless ass down and apologize to your brother for ruining his show. You’re not proving shit.”

In response, Horus wrote, “did friend really simply hit me up from a cat account to talk shit?”


A client who supposedly witnessed the incident also shared their variation of events on Instagram. “Alec continuously proclaimed the music wasn’t sounding best throughout his set,” the article from concertgoer Samantha Lewis, who declined to comment come the everyday Dot, reads. “Kept trying come hype civilization up with the shitty music quality. He claimed he wanted another mic, and instead was told he would no longer be able to finish his set. He to be then forcefully escorted out to the ago of the building where 4 employees win him, break his nose.”

Lewis supposedly has actually photo and video clip evidence the the incident.


Lewis and Horus’ account of the occurrence seem come align. Many world online, however, it seems ~ to feel the venue’s statement is far much more accurate. A slew that Twitter comments complying with the event claim Horus was firmly in the wrong.

“Fuck Ghostmane and especially crap Horus the Astroneer,” one person wrote. “Don’t ever disrespect any kind of venue staff to the allude of violence. Ever.” many other pan agree.

charmcharchar wrote: “There’s loads of civilization who videotaped it so ns don’t want to listen anything about him no doing noþeles wrong.”

Fuck Ghostmane and also especially fuck Horus the astroneer. Don’t ever disrespect any type of venue staff to the allude of violence. Ever.

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— Taylor (
TaylorDyer_) November 20, 2019

Also girlfriend cant gain through a TWENTY minute set with "tech issues"??? He sounded fine What a fucking childThrew a fit and also got what that deserved yet fuck him for being the reason the show is canceled

— Char (
charmcharchar) November 20, 2019

The day-to-day Dot has actually reached out to the Mohawk, and also Horus the Astroneer and also several witnesses.