There’s no doubt about it, hot cacao is the ultimate holiday comfort drink. It’s heat, chocolatey, and also basically prefer drinking a dose of holiday cheer right from a mug! We understand and also love this staple winter drink, however sometimes also a cup of warm cacao deserve to usage an additional kick to really fulfill our holiday heart. These 10 ways to elevate your warm chocolate are game-changers and also take warm chocolate to new levels! Make a cup for yourself to reap by the fire or serve some to friends and household to really impush this holiday season! 

1. Add Some Ice Cream

I understand, hot cocoa is expected to be HOT. But hear me out! Adding a scoop of vanilla or cacao ice cream (or any kind of of your favorite flavors, really!) to your cup of chocolate transforms the drink right into somepoint entirely different and delicious.

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It’s a really fun twist on a classical cup of warm chocolate and the way the hot and cold mix together to create a entirety new dessert is truly influenced by some holiday magic. If you choose root beer floats, you’ve obtained to try this twist via hot cocoa! 


3. Drizzle Some Caramel

Another great combicountry of flavors is cacao and caramel. There’s somepoint comforting about the smell and taste of heat caramel, and including some caramel flavor right into your currently delicious cup of hot cacao elevates it to a totality brand-new level of deliciousness.

You might drizzle some caramel sauce onto the optimal as the perfect finishing touch, or mix it right into your drink for even more infprovided flavor! Take it a step further and also include some sea salt on height for a delicious salted caramel hot cocoa!


5. Chocolate On Chocolate

If you’re a cacao lover and also can’t obtain sufficient, then take your hot cocoa to the following level by including also more chocolate! A cup of double-cacao hot chocolate is rich and decadent, the perfect holiday treat! It’s easy to acquire artistic via this warm cocoa bereason there are so many kind of various types of cacao and means you deserve to add it to your cup.

My personal favorite is to make a dark chocolate hot chocolate, then sprinkle some cacao powder on height and garnish through some even more dark cocoa shaved on top! You can drizzle some cacao syrup on optimal for even even more chocolatey goodness. However you reap your cacao, including some even more to your hot cocoa is never a bad concept. 


7. Add Some Orange

This one might seem like an odd way to elevate your hot cacao at first, but it’s actually delicious! We all know that ovariety and also chocolate make a really excellent pair, so it’s no wonder adding some to your hot cocoa would certainly be delicious also.

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Not to cite, your hot cacao will look remarkable with the orange as a garnish! 

I choose to add some oarray zest onto the top of my hot chocolate and use a curl of the peel as a sophisticated garnish, yet you deserve to include orange to your hot cocoa yet you’d prefer. If you’re looking to make an excellent orange spice warm chocolate, pairing the ovariety through a little little of ginger and also cinnamon is a delicious means to take your warm cacao game even further!