So if something is ubiquitous, the reason for it being so could not be clearly understood

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Ubiquitous means something currently or being everywhere at the very same time, a synonym is omnipresent.

Confusing refers to something the is not straightforward to understand since of it"s complexity or lack of organization or explanation.

Therefore something that is common is frequently unattainable for our reasoning, that way it becomes confusing for us, together we can"t it is adapted it quickly to concepts we have the right to manage. Ours minds can"t understand every little thing at the very same time, our brain needs come catalog and prioritize details to understand it. Imagine going to the cinema and sitting at the really front, the photos are therefore close to you they show up to be almost everywhere you stare, occasionally that confuses you together you shot to emphasis on a spot lacking a most things. This additionally happens v nature, that is the factor science is split into various disciplines; and with ideas like God, the is challenging to imagine a being that is almost everywhere at the very same time but that can"t be seen, it leader to a many confussion and also various attemps to explain it.

Neither Synonym , no one Antonym ; yet might be related.


Ubiquitous is something i beg your pardon is present, exists, or os discovered everywhere. That can additionally be referred to as as Pervasive, Omnipresent.

Confusing is something complex to come understand. The is unclearly or understandable or complicated to understand. That can also be dubbed as perplexing, chaotic.

These words room neither synonym not antonym of each other. However they can be related with each other. Such because ; miscellaneous which current everywhere i.e ubiquitous, might be complicated to be understood by world i.e confusing. Also; confusion is present everywhere in some or the other way , so confusion is Ubiquitous




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