means before the soft nipples and the morning sickness start, us think there can be some altogether stranger signs that you"re expecting...

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How soon after girlfriend conceived did girlfriend realise you to be pregnant? perhaps you spotted among the much more usual early on signs? Or probably you took among those super-early pregnant tests because you to be trying for a baby and also just can not wait till friend missed your period?

But, for some of us, that seems, us don’t need any type of of that; we know we’re pregnant practically straight far – indigenous the strangest little clues.

Here room the optimal 8 spooky signs the mums on ours Facebook web page say told lock they to be pregnant means before it was shown through medical means…

1. You hate loud noises

The tiny clues that suggest you can be pregnant often come in the type of points that don’t commonly bother us suddenly now acquiring to us huge time.

Natalie C tells us that she began to think she can be pregnant as soon as she found herself gift hypersensitive to noise: “Loud noises do me cry,” she says. “Bagpipes, ireland dancers banging on a floor…”. Awwwww, us feel for you, Nat.

2. Her dog tells you

Several that our facebook mums agree the a adjust in their dog’s behaviour was one the very first clues the they can be expecting. And for others, another person’s dog that had actually never yes, really noticed castle before came to be much an ext attentive…

Lau p told us: “My dog were very gentle and also the girlie dog would certainly follow me everywhere. Commonly she is a masculine dog and also couldn’t treatment less about me!”

Toni A had a comparable story, also about a mrs dog: “My partner’s dog complied with me around all the time,” she says. “She was never ever that attached come me before.”

And Pippa C agrees: “Yep, my dog wouldn’t leaving me alone and got really protective.”


3. You get clumsy

Once you’ve gained a full-on bump, of course, the pretty common to shed your center of gravity a bit, and also find yourself bumping into things or knocking castle over.

But, follow to Sharon C, the clumsiness come sooner than you think: “I knocked a vase off a shelf and also it smashed and I cried favor a baby over it, so mine hubby knew ns was finally pregnant.”

4. You get hyper-sensitive to smells

Here’s one more symptom that often crops up after that in pregnancy, when you’re well aware you’re expecting, however Andrea J tells united state an aversion to certain smells to be a yes, really super-early reservation she was pregnant, too. “The smell of alcohol do me feel ill,” she says. “That was the clincher.”


5. Your mum just senses it

“I hadn’t told mine mum ns was trying because that a baby and, once I to be round she house and she inquiry me if i was pregnant. Ns genuinely didn’t recognize if i was or not,” says Tanya B.

“So, ns did a test when I acquired home and also it was positive.”

Wow, this just goes to display a mom intuition large well beyond the infant years, eh?

6. You get a strange and unusual thirst

Dry mouth is often thought about a ‘normal’ early symptom of pregnant but, for among our mums, that wasn’t that but an extreme thirst that very first told she something was going on.

“First pregnancy, I obtained a weird extreme thirst that was yes, really unusual,” claims Heather F, “so i knew something was up.” 

7. Your Fitbit starts playing up

When jogger Ivonne noticed her Fitbit to be recording her heartbeat as up top top its usual rate, her husband David posted on Reddit asking the neighborhood how to kind the faulty gadget. However one user suggested the boosted heart rate could be due to pregnancy.

Indeed, Ivonne took a pregnancy test and also it came earlier positive.

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Doctor Philippa Kaye confirmed for MFM that, throughout your very first trimester, her heart price (and temperature) deserve to in reality increase a bit. Who demands a pregnancy test if you’ve acquired a Fitbit, eh?

8. Her cat gets all clingy

Dogs absolutely don’t have the top paw once it pertains to knowing as soon as their owners can be pregnant; it seems our feline friends can sniff the out, too.

“My cat got an extremely clingy and also protective for every 3 of mine pregnancies,” claims Heather W. “She knew every time before I did!”