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It is time for the Congress and the President"s cabinet to eliminate Donald Trump from office before he gets united state all killed.

Most of us knew before election day that Donald Trump was unfit because that office. However may the us organized our tongue -- no in criticizing Trump, however in demanding the Congress and the Cabinet remove Trump native office. Few of us hoped past hope the Trump might grow in the job. Others worried that calling because that Trump"s remove too beforehand in his presidency could turn the concern "political"; and also scare off Democrats, while forcing republic to safeguard Trump the end of party loyalty.

But now that city council Bob Corker, the Republican chairman that the united state Senate international Relations Committee has publicly warned the Donald trump card is leading united state into human being War III, sufficient is enough, we"ve waited long enough.

In fact, we"ve already waited too long. Not only is Donald trumped letting world die in Puerto Rico, in large part because he"s upset at the mayor of san Juan (and since many Puerto Ricans space of combined race), but now he"s proactively trying to ruin Obamacare, just out that spite. The latest news is that Trump simply announced that he will certainly no much longer pay the billions in federal subsidies that Obamacare obtain to help keep expenses down because that low-income Americans, resulting in a premium rise of 20% and causing part insurers to leaving the industry entirely, making health insurance unaffordable for numerous Americans. That"s in an addition to an executive order trumped signed this week, intended to convince healthy civilization to leave the ACA exchanges, leaving just those that us with pre-existing problems to remain while premiums soar past our means.

We can no longer afford to wait for unique Counsel Mueller come perhaps uncover Trump guilty of colluding with Russia. Human being are dying in Puerto Rico. People will dice if Donald trump card succeeds in death Obamacare. And millions an ext will die if trump is effective in beginning a war with North Korea.

I have had actually it. And also I expect you have actually to.

But, you might ask, why will any type of of this matter? just how will your voice do a distinction if it hasn"t helped already? due to the fact that Senator Corker"s public excoriation the Donald Trump"s fitness because that office, and also his join that many of the republic in the Senate agree with him that Trump needs to go, was a game-changer. It means that we are at the allude where a groundswell the public support for Trump"s removal could finally press Congress (via impeachment) and also the cabinet (via the 25th Amendment) come act.

If us all start publicly demanding that Trump be gotten rid of from office, we will begin a national debate around this an extremely issue, the media will report top top it an ext and more, and Democrats and also Republicans alike will be compelled to take it a stand. In fact, a top autonomous donor has currently said he will not support any kind of Democrat in 2018 that does not openly speak to for Trump to be eliminated from office. The problem is lastly ripe. And also we must seize it now.

Sign the petition to Congress and the cabinet on this page, tell her friends, go on social media and talk openly and loudly around how Congress and the Cabinet have to remove Trump indigenous office, and also demad her member that Congress take a stand. You will assist to begin a nationwide conversation roughly this issue, and also that conversation will certainly drive Donald Trump even crazier, forcing Congress and also the cabinet to lastly take action for the great of the country, sealing Trump"s fate once and for all.

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One last word: I"m no going come lie to you and also pretend the Vice president Mike Pence is an angel, due to the fact that he"s not. However there"s no indication that Pence would certainly let Puerto Rico suffer just out of spite, and also Pence is far less likely to start world War III. At the very least with Mike Pence, we have the right to live to fight one more day.

Join me, include your name, and demand the Congress and also the cabinet "25th the 45th."