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Dentemp is a product you deserve to use to make temporary fillings or together a dental cement to secure loosened crowns. It’s a very handy short-term solution for those times as soon as it’s not helpful to visit a dentist and also can be a godsend if you have actually a problem with your this while you are travelling.

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I’ve been utilizing Dentemp because that a pair of year so ns think i have sufficient experience to compose an notified review.

Although a Dentemp review may seem a rather strange selection for a travel blog, it’s such a useful travel companion I decided to i have announced this review right here instead of on among my other sites. I’m nomadic and also Dentemp has actually earned its place in my very first aid kit. Wherever i go, that goes too.

To it is in honest, it’s probably more accurate come say I’ve been abusing Dentemp for a couple of years since it’s just intended to provide a quick, temporary resolve until you have the right to see a dentist. I’m still utilizing it to change a filling I shed two years ago while ns was life in Szeged, Hungary.

It’s a large cavity. A Hungarian dentist placed a momentary filling in it and also told me the tooth requirements a crown. He offered to carry out it however I to be flying to Spain in a pair of days and didn’t have the time to hang around.

When the short-term filling fell out, I changed it with Dentemp. I’ve been doing that ever before since. Crowns are expensive and also I’m top top a tight budget so I’ll more than likely be proceeding making momentary fillings for rather a while.

How long Does a Dentemp repair Last?

I can’t comment on how long the repair will certainly last if you use Dentemp come secure a loosened crown but, if you room using it together a momentary filling, it deserve to last a lengthy time.

How lengthy the repair lasts will count on the size of the cavity and where it’s located. The kind of foodstuffs you eat and how cautious you room while eating can also make a distinction to exactly how long the short-term filling lasts.

When you usage Dentemp come repair huge cavities, the temporary filling is i can not qualify to last as long as a smaller filling would. Momentary fillings inserted on the political parties of the teeth need to last longer than fillings on peak of the teeth.

I’m using Dentemp to to fill a very large cavity in among my molars for this reason that’s as poor as the gets and the short-lived filling usually lasts about a couple of weeks. Periodically a small longer.

The Dentemp filling Is the One that Looks favor Chewing Gum

If you clean your teeth and then have actually a good rinse with heat water prior to you apply the momentary filling, the cement pole better. The filling will last longer if you stop using it to chew hard foodstuffs such together nuts or pizza crusts. With a small care, it should be straightforward to keep your filling in location for at the very least a couple of weeks. Friend may acquire a lot longer than the if friend only have actually a small cavity on the side of your tooth.

How to usage Dentemp

The cement is housed in a tiny plastic bottle v a clip-on lid that has plastic hinges. It’s less than 50% full. This renders it difficult to accessibility the cement however Dentemp comes with a small tool you can use to dig some of it out.

Fortunately, you don’t need much. Follow to the pack, each pot is an excellent for 12 or more repairs. If you have actually a huge cavity friend won’t gain that many. Ns generally manage to get roughly five to 6 temporary fillings per pot.

Making a temporary Filling

The usage guidelines phone call you come wash your hands and also then wash the cavity with warm water but, as I already mentioned, I choose to brush my teeth first.

There’s no need to shot and dried the cavity. The cement sticks much better if you leaving it moist.

The very first thing you do is destruction out a tiny cement v the end of the plastic tool. Then you choose it off with your fingers and roll it right into a ball. The cement is sticky stuff for this reason you should wet her fingers prior to you shot to carry out this.

When you have actually your tiny ball that cement, it’s simply a case of pressing it right into the cavity and also removing any excess cement with your fingers. You might need come bite on the cement to make certain there room no high points. Every in all, though, Dentemp is pretty simple to use and also it tastes the same as the momentary fillings dentists put in for this reason it might be similar stuff.

When you are happy with the repair, you have to leave the filling to set. This takes two hours and you are not intended to eat throughout this time.

Re-Cementing a Crown

I’ve never had to do this yet the instructions on package make that sound pretty straightforward to do.

The very first step is to eliminate the old cement from the crown. As lot as you can, anyway. Next, girlfriend rinse the crown. You additionally need to rinse the tooth you will be installation it to and leave both the crown and the this moist.

The following thing to do is examine the crown quiet fits top top the tooth okay. If it does, usage the special tool to include some cement come the within edge and also the open end of the crown. Then push the crown onto her wet tooth. Bite a few times to inspect everything feel okay and also then remove any type of excess cement around your gum.

As through a temporary filling, it’s inadvisable come eat food for at least a couple of hours.

Earlier in this review, i admitted I’ve been making use of Dentemp to make short-lived fillings for a lengthy time. If ns was making use of it to hold a crown in place, i wouldn’t feeling comfortable using it long-term.

I grind my teeth in my sleep. Numerous years ago this brought about me to lose a crown. I woke up v it in mine mouth and also will always be thankful I didn’t choke on that or swallow the in my sleep. The crown was hosted in location with the initial dental cement. Dentemp won’t it is in as strong so relying on it indefinitely might not it is in a smart thing to do.

Is Dentemp an excellent Value because that Money?

In the UK, Dentemp costs approximately £5. You have the right to buy it at Savers, Superdrug, Boots, and most pharmacies. It’s also possible to buy the on Amazon.

The price deserve to vary a small in other European countries however is typically about €8 to €9 every box.

I’m a average penny-pinching Yorkshireman and even i can’t complain around the price.

When you open up the pot and see it’s not full, it deserve to make friend feel favor you’ve to be ripped off, yet even if you need to make large fillings and also only get five per pot, that’s only £1 per filling. It’s difficult to grumble around that and, if girlfriend can’t gain a dental appointment, a Dentemp filling have the right to save girlfriend a most pain and distress. It’s definitely worth the money.

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Final Thoughts


I’ve created this evaluation for human being who are looking for information around Dentemp and also want to know exactly how well it works. However, since this is a travel blog, I’d like to allude out, when again, what a good addition Dentemp is come a travel an initial aid kit. It’s comfortable if you require it and doesn’t take it up much an are if friend don’t and also the net weight is only 2.2 grams (0.08 oz)

The crate is small, but you don’t have to take that along. All you need is the little blue tub. The special device is handy, but you could use something else instead. The finish of a teaspoon would work an extremely well. Many rented rooms will have actually a teaspoon, and also there room any number of things you can use instead.