If a giraffe’s neck is around 7ft in length, how long will it take the materials to fight the happy traveler in the face?I’ve done a google search and have found no info leading to just how long this process approximately takes.Do phone call if friend have any kind of insight. :)

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I’m sure there is a mathematical method to resolve this…this isn’t some kind of sexual innuendo is it?

Well.Giraffes are like cows in the way that castle chew your cud.So technically, they are always regurgitating. Castle are also finicky eaters, therefore they seem to understand what foods items would reason them to litter up, which is why it’s not too common.But to answer the question… I would imagine that wouldn’t take really long.. 30 secs MAX.I have actually no idea, though. Ns haven’t timed it recently.

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Sueanne_Tremendous Yeah, I’ve check out up on every one of that, yet nothing ever before says about how long that takes. Many thanks for the attach though. GA.

The idea is revolting, but I offer you full marks for the inventiveness of the question.

If i were a giraffe, i would save a an excellent supply that Tums top top hand just so ns didn’t have to confront this issue.

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Vunessuh ~ as a giraffe pan I just need to ask… just how did you also think the this question?very much information threaad btw… great job everyone

Thanks for your answers everyone. GA’s come you all, however I guess it still stays a mystery. ::tear::

mcbealer I had a garage sale over the weekend and also I was offering a lot of my grandmother’s jewelry. She adores giraffes and also she had a most giraffe earrings and I found and also kept this beautiful giraffe pin. And also then, uh….hm. I dunno. The assumed just concerned my psychic after that. :D

johnny0313x There’s acquired to it is in some sexual innuendo in over there somewhere, after every giraffes space neckked.