Dear Alice,I"m one 18-year-old guy, and I"m thinking about shaving my foot this summer. Usually my legs seem also hairy because that my liking and also itmakes lock feel less clean to me. Is it strange to feel this way? I"vewanted to shot this because that a while, but have been worried around what others" reaction will certainly be. Would human being think ns am entirely strange or would certainly they even take notice? I"ve heard the cyclists and also swimmersoften cut their legs in ready for competitions — what sort of reaction does that draw? many thanks for any kind of advice you deserve to give.

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Dear Reader,

To shave or not to shave... This is the question. Once it pertains to removing body hair, whether it"s on optimal of your head, under her arms, or on or between your legs, there"s no not correct decision because the act is naturally reversible. If you shave your hairy legs today, and also it doesn"t make you feel any kind of "cleaner" tomorrow, rest assured, the hair will return. Similarly, let"s speak you shave your chest hair and discover that, there is no it, girlfriend look similar to a plucked chicken. Squawk not, your feathers will eventually grow back.

It is true the bikers, swimmers, runners, and other athletes have been shaving because that years together a tactic for improving their speed; but, more and more, pop society has jumped right into the game as well. Take it a look at at part male-oriented sports and also fashion magazines: there"s plenty of beef, yet where"s the hair? So, since hairless models room in vogue, it"s unconvinced that friend will become a shaved-legged laughing stock at this summer"s coast parties and also barbecues. And yes, you might even find that few notice your nakedness, as countless guys have actually very tiny hair on your legs, arms, chests, etc. Indigenous the acquire go.

Be mindful that daily shaving may leave you through a prickly, bumpy surface, fairly than the silky, smooth skin you watch on TV. This have the right to be a hair-raising endure for some, but again, stay tuned since your hair will certainly be ideal back. Girlfriend might take into consideration trimming your body hair, instead of going for the entirely bare look. Waxing, where a professional uses wax come pull the end your hair, deserve to leave you smooth longer, yet may be an ext costly and also painful than shaving. Finally, laser hair removed is an choice for lengthy term hair removal, albeit the many costly. Whether you remove your hair is your decision. There is tiny harm in trying, since you can bet her body hair will certainly grow back sooner or later.

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