© POPSUGAR Photography / Kat Borchart benefits of drinking WaterHere"s what occurred when i drank six 17-ounce bottles of water a day. Spoiler alert: It"s every good.

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I"m the absolute worst at drink water. There room sometimes full days whereby I"ll fuel myself exclusively on coffee, and then I"ll establish come 7 p.m., once my night"s winding down, that ns haven"t touched H20 all day. Not being the best water drinker is bad, sure, however even learning this around myself, ns haven"t do any significant efforts come tweak that. Until recently, the is.

I newly traveled to Kona to watch the IronMan civilization Championships, and while i was over there I linked up with some researchers from the Gatorade Sports scientific research Institute. After experience a sweat test, which affiliated pre-workout weighing and also a couple of strategically placed patches that would assist measure just how much fluid I lost over one hour run, I obtained my results. They were shocking. I sweat - a lot. Like, 1.5 liters every hour, i beg your pardon is in ~ the high end of the spectrum (the typical is 1 liter every hour). Translation? Girl demands to start hydrating more, otherwise I might be at hazard for some an adverse repercussions consisting of a bad mood and increased muscle soreness.

So ns made a plan. I would drink six 17-ounce party of water each day (the Food and Nutrition plank suggests around 91 ounces that water indigenous both liquid and food sources daily). Here"s are the three best takeaways from mine week of much better hydrating.

My Skin cleared Up

I"ve heard civilization talk around how water helps them clear their skin up every the time. Once I went in for my very first facial a couple of months back (I know, I"m a late skincare bloomer, too), the aesthetician at Heyday called me the the little bumps I have on my forehead room actually a direct an outcome of my skin gift dehydrated.

While there"s no conclusive proof that drinking water can clear up skin, one university of Missouri-Columbia study verified that drinking about two cups of water (500 milliliters) boosted blood circulation to the skin, although we don"t know if that renders it healthier. Because that me, drinking much more water resulted in the bumps on my forehead come decrease by the finish of the week, and also even the rosacea in my cheeks faded a tiny bit, which i was grateful for.

I Was much less Bloated

I wouldn"t speak that ns walk roughly feeling bloated every one of the time, yet I wouldn"t to speak I constantly feel stellar, either. While that did obtain to it is in a little bit bothersome constantly lugging a water bottle place to ar (it helps that i was trade off between a too-cute S"Well and a grenade feather bkr that ns received countless compliments on), ns did feel a entirety lot lighter transparent the week. By drinking an ext water with my meals, as well, i felt choose my food to be digesting better, and also I had actually less of the why-am-I-still-so-full feeling the next day.

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I Craved less Coffee

This was really the most interesting result. Because that years now I"ve to be a two-cup sorta woman. One as soon as I gain to the office, and one by mid-morning. Through day four of my week the drinking much more liquids, I found that I"d sit under at mine desk and also opt for a glass of water before hitting the java. Dare I to speak it, ns was even craving water. Some mornings, I"d gain to 11:50 a.m. Before I also realized that ns hadn"t had a cup that coffee.

Do i think I"ll pole to drinking water at this rate? To it is in honest, i do. The restroom trips aren"t practically as constant as lock were as soon as I began my experiment. Similar to when I began meditating, hydration feel like an essential piece come the puzzle piece for who who"s greatly into fitness and also all points health. The only question left: what fancy water bottle am i going to placed on my vacation list?

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