First impressions space important, so how microneedling treatment will help you come be sure that your very first impressions room spot-on every time. However that might be an overwhelming to carry out if friend aren’t totally confident in her skin. If you feel prefer your skin has seen much better days, then it might be time to uncover a therapy that deserve to put your skin – and also your very first impression – ~ above the appropriate track. In ~ Impressions Skin remedies in Hendersonville, TN we know one of the best skin rejuvenation solutions is microneedling treatment.

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How regularly Should You perform Microneedling Treatments?

As a general rule of thumb, microneedling treatment deserve to be safe done about once a month or every 4 come 6 weeks. This is the frequency the works ideal for the bulk of patient of every skin types, yet some patients find that microneedling treatment an ext or less frequently than this range works ideal for your skin and their aesthetic goals.

We will certainly be happy to help you recognize the ideal frequency because that your therapies so you can acquire the most benefit for your skin wellness – and also your beauty.

First ring of Treatments

If it’s your first time v this treatment, climate you’re walking to it is in in for a “round” a therapies that take ar closer together than your continual treatments will in the future.

The very first round of therapies is supplied to kick-start your treatment so you can gain the best results quickly. For many patients, this means 2 come 3 treatments spaced around 4 main apart.

Treatments to keep Results

After your very first round of treatment is completed and you have acquired your wanted results, all subsequent appointments will certainly be supplied to preserve these results.

Because the outcomes of this treatment develop gradually, girlfriend will have the ability to have an ext time between your regular maintenance appointments than your very first round. Countless patients opt come have constant treatments every 6 come 8 weeks for this purpose.

Why go the Time between Treatments Matter?

The time between your therapy appointments matters since of the nature that this treatment. The median turnover time for dead skin cells and also healing is around 3 come 4 mainly for most people. Her cell turnover is determined by your age and genetics, which method younger patients might heal faster and also older patients can require an ext time in between treatments.

How does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling is a diverse, minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment that is supplied to treat a selection of superficial skin concerns, including anti-aging, scar reduction, and also general skin health. But how does it work?

This therapy is performed through a device that provides a series of small punctures in the surface of the skin, not unlike gift pricked through a needle. But instead of gaining the resting Beauty treatment from these needles, a well-done microneedling treatment can give your skin the Cinderella make-over the needs.

Why Micro Injuries room Key

Micro injuries room microscopic wounds on the skin surface that penetrate to the sub-dermal layers. Castle don’t ache you, but they do stimulate some impressive effects.

The key principle behind this treatment is come create controlled injuries come the skin to wake up the body’s herbal regenerative ability. Her skin is consisted of of number of structural proteins, including collagen, that produces in higher number as soon as the skin is injured.

The micro injuries speed up skin cabinet turnover, which method you burned dead skin cells faster for a healthy and balanced glow together you heal.

What Are results Like?

The outcomes of this treatment are reliable and also predictable. Regardless of your age or skin condition, you deserve to be specific that friend will suffer the desired results. Let’s break results down by category:

For Anti-Aging

Common aging concerns are boosted skin laxity, dark spots, sunlight damage, brown spots, good lines, and also wrinkles. This treatment conveniently addresses every one of these superficial skin comes to by aiding skin cabinet turnover and stimulating the manufacturing of skin-supporting proteins.

This is an especially true because that collagen and elastin, which are both the main culprits the skin laxity and wrinkle development when the production of this proteins slows in addition to aging.

For Scar Reduction

Both injury scars and acne scars can be corrected by this treatment. The bulk of scars top top the skin surface ar are resulted in by an over-compensation the collagen created during wound healing, i beg your pardon is created too rapidly as soon as the skin is still inflamed and leaves a bumpy, dimpled, otherwise uneven skin surface.

This therapy helps rest up old collagen to develop a brand-new even layer of collagen the smoothes the end the skin surface.

For general Skin Health

Many world suffer indigenous the same common skin health concerns, such together dry skin, uneven skin tone, and also uneven skin texture. This treatment easily addresses these general skin health pertains to by raising the price of skin cabinet turnover and helping the skin come to be self-sufficient in maintaining an even complexion and a smooth, supple, moisturized skin surface.

How lengthy Does It require to See Results?

In general, patient can begin seeing results as soon as your initial healing stage is completed. Within 1 to 3 days of your treatment, girlfriend will notice an immediate advancement to the tone and texture of her skin, many noticeably a health glow to the skin surface. However, sometimes the results you are searching for may take time to emerge. Right here are the various times you deserve to expect:

For Anti-Aging

The convey of good lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and skin laxity usually becomes apparent after 3 treatment appointments or also as shortly as 3 come 4 mainly after your appointment. You will notice an improvement in the tightness of her skin, i beg your pardon will continue to improve for as lengthy as friend have continuous treatments.

For Scar Reduction

The palliation of scars might take an ext time to manifest, largely due to the fact that smoothing scars takes an ext effort because that the skin. For countless patients, it takes 3 to 6 treatment appointments to have a full reduction that scarring. However, between your an initial appointment and your preferred results, girlfriend will notification a gradual improvement of the scar texture, normally within 6 come 8 main of your very first appointment. Your scarring will progressively soften and also then fade.

For basic Skin Health

Results for general skin health appear the many quickly. After ~ your very first appointment, in addition to the instant results that healthier-looking skin, friend will an alert an advancement in tone and texture in as little as 7 to 14 days.

What deserve to You mean Before, During, and also After Treatment?

While this may be a straightforward treatment, there space still a few steps you have to expect along the way. The best way to gain the finest results is to observe all the accuse we administer you. Here are some actions you have the right to expect:


You will need to attend a consultation appointment so that us may screen you to check out if this therapy is ideal for her skin concerns. Us will examine your skin, discuss your skin concerns, and talk about what you have the right to reasonably mean from treatment. Us will likewise gather information from you, including your skincare habits and any previous cosmetic therapies you may have had actually in the past.

Pre-Treatment Guidelines

To help you prepare for treatment, us will administer you v a perform of pre-treatment guidelines the you must follow for at the very least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Several of these guidelines might include:

Discontinue Retinol productsDo not use alcohol-based productsNo sunscreen or make-upWash her face prior to the appointment

You will certainly not must arrange for transport after your appointment. Please remove all face jewelry and pull hair away from the face on the day of your appointment.

Treatment action One: Numbing and also Cleansing

We will apply a topical numbing cream come the surface of your skin for about 10 come 20 minutes prior to the begin of her treatment. As soon as your face is saturated numb, us will use a gentle cleanser to eliminate the cream and any overfill dirt, oil, or make-up from the skin surface.

Treatment step Two: Needling

A certified technician will treat her skin by making use of the needling device, which will create micro punctures follow me the whole surface of your skin, v the exception of your under-eye area and your lips. The needling is excellent one section of the skin in ~ a time come make sure all areas are cure equally. When the needling portion is concluded, the technician will certainly cleanse your skin again.

Treatment action Three: Serum

To plunder up her appointment, we usually use a serum affluent in vitamin to her skin to promote heal and permit your skin to absorb added nutrients. The serum offered will depend on your skin needs and will be disputed prior to your appointment.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

We will provide you a perform of post-treatment guidelines to monitor after your appointment. It is crucial to follow this guidelines carefully as her skin will be breakable for the first 24 to 72 hours following treatment. Some post-treatment guidelines will include:

Do not use any acid or Retinol productsAvoid straight sunlight, overabundance heat, and sweatingDo no go swimmingDo not wash or scrub the skin

We may carry out you with special products to use after her appointment to aid your skin recover and also to usage as part of your skincare routine.


The bulk of patients are recovered from therapy within 1 come 3 days. Over there is no extended recovery time associated with this treatment. Detailed you take treatment to monitor the post-treatment indict and, after ~ 72 hours, wear sunscreen as soon as you are outside, girlfriend are totally free to return to all normal daily activities.

Can You integrate This Treatment?

Yes! over there are number of treatments that deserve to be an unified with this one to aid you achieve all of her aesthetic goals. If you are interested in combine one or an ext treatments v this one, please let us understand so we can help you design a treatment setup that meets all of your needs. Several of the other treatments that can be linked with this one at our clinic include:

Dermal fillersNeurotoxin injectablesLaser hair removalLaser skin rejuvenationFacials

Is This treatment Safe?

This treatment is safe for all skin varieties and tones. This therapy can additionally be excellent safely at any kind of time the the year.

Who Are an excellent Candidates?

Any patience who has actually a superficial skin problem is most likely qualified for this treatment. If you want to improve the tone, texture, and quality of your skin, or if you want to emphasis on correcting age-related involves or mitigate scarring, then this therapy is a good match for her needs and aesthetic goals.

Restore your Skin’s Glory with Microneedling treatment Today!

The power of a good very first impression deserve to make an even bigger affect when you are completely comfortable in your skin. It’s time to embrace your skin health and also restore the youthful glory of her skin. If you think microneedling treatment is appropriate for you, contact Impressions Skin solutions in Hendersonville, TN to schedule your consultation today!

Dr. Linn is one of

Dr. Linn is among the best drs I’ve ever had. She is caring, takes she time to listen and answer questions, and also really does her ideal to take care of her patients. Every her staff space wonderful as well.

Dr. Linn reverted my email and also texts promptly and also I don’t know a dr the would give a # to message just around anytime and also she actually returns texts as easily as she can and also answered my questions! She gained me end Covid much faster than i thought and also followed up practically daily. So thankful to she for her caring attitude during the telemedicine visit and also in human as well. Wish i would’ve found her sooner and also would extremely recommend her to anyone.


Great location and good people. Ns am incredibly happy through the medical company that I receive here!!! i cannot recommend them sufficient to anybody looking for a major physician.

Amanda S

Thank friend for sustaining Sumner County colleges Education! The team is professional, caring, and very good! ns have finish confidence in them. Results from Skin Rejuvenation appeared to have actually turned ago time on my skin in texture and appearance also wrinkles – no need for botox – just natural healthy luminous skin. Say thanks to you! I’m an extremely pleased through results.

Shannon at Impressions gives gentle,

Shannon in ~ Impressions gives gentle, exercise care. I had actually my very first facial and also dermablade EVER, and I wish that I had been gaining this done for years. Ns bringing mine teenager earlier for this service and am for this reason excited for my next appointment.


I have actually been see Dr. Linn because that years. She and also her staff space wonderful. Lock take the time to listen and always have the patients best care in mind.

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We thoroughly gain working with Impressions Skin Solutions–they’re a an excellent medical spa, and also you should give them a speak to for all her skincare needs!

Dr. Linn is one of

Dr. Linn is one of the finest drs I’ve ever before had. She is caring, takes her time to listen and also answer questions, and really does her ideal to take treatment of her patients. All her staff are wonderful together well.

Dr. Linn reverted my email and also texts promptly and also I don’t understand a dr the would offer a # to text just about anytime and also she actually returns messages as easily as she can and answered my questions! She acquired me over Covid faster than i thought and followed up practically daily. So thankful to she for her caring attitude during the telemedicine visit and also in person as well. Wish ns would’ve uncovered her sooner and also would highly recommend she to anyone.

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