Sibling band, SM6, consists of brother George, Isabel, Adam, Emily, Eliana, and Jack Jones, found themselves come be renowned Tik Tok creators. Top top April 18, 2020, castle filmed a video, well-known as the “Don’t Flinch Challenge, Go” video, which resulted in their once tiny fanbase to increase. As more and an ext people duetted the video on Tik Tok, the more hate and support the tape received.

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“That video clip launched us into social media and got us all of that attention” Adam Jones started. “We nothing think we’ll ever before regret that video. Us were having fun, we feel an excellent about it, we enjoyed making it, and at the least, that’s all the matters.”

Although the band prospered in popularity from this video, your presence ended up being a target to those who gain partaking in an unfavorable and crude oil comments. Their videos have actually been reposted and mocked, and also their image was separation into two: fun, family band and cringy homeschooled kids. Amidst the virtual attacks, they flourished past it and wrote a song about it. Their song, Oddity, addresses how they room different and also how they will certainly forever take on who castle are.

“There was so lot hatred, and also stuff, all us were doing was placing our content, that provides us happy and also makes united state smile as well.. came from gift different.” Isabel Jones stated. “Everyone experienced that we were different, we recognize we’re different, and also we expropriate that. I think a lot of people are afraid to be different. Castle feel choose they have to fit in. The tune is prefer a blog post saying you don’t have actually to try to be someone you’re not so you could fit in.”

Although this video clip boosted your career, it is not wherein it started. The siblings’ parents recommended the idea of beginning a band. Throughout that time, Emily Jones, drummer, and also Adam Jones, lead guitarist, were pursuing their particular instruments and also taking personal lessons.

“We experienced a most artists play live performances and also wanted to do what they were doing. There to be a boy band and also we believed if they can do it, then so could we.” stated Adam. “Originally, that was simply . Jack and Ellie come in a tiny later, they to be still young.”

During their an initial performances, they to be a cover tape going through the surname of Summer Monkeys. They played tiny shows and small venues such as the two Brothers Roundhouse in their hometown, Geneva, Illinois.

“When us were an initial starting, that was hard to get an excellent because a lot of of civilization didn’t take united state seriously, because we to be younger” Emily started. Finishing her thought, Isabel said, “We originally were a sheathe band and we determined that we want to it is in an initial band and also that was when we changed our name to SM6. Us were having an obstacle making that switch since people chosen covers, they to be familiar and knew it, however finally us did it.”

Shortly after, they released the an initial version of their EP, Perfect. The was later taken down and also released with brand-new recordings the the initial songs with an added brand-new song. The album contains five songs and can be found on any type of streaming service.

“Musically, we grew a lot as artists and we felt prefer those song were great songs, but we establish we could make lock better.” proclaimed Isabel. “Plus, we had brand-new ideas, thinking it would certainly be cool come add an ext into them. We just wanted these songs to be the ideal they could be.” George to add on.

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SM6 has also recently moved from their hometown come Los Angeles, California the end of a referral from their manager. The band, currently residing in LA, has a many in store for that fans consisting of a tour and a new single, depending on the state the the pandemic. Because that now, they have actually announced a tour, “”’Til The Money operation Out””, which right now only has two days that room being organized in Houston, Tx and Dallas, Tx. Tickets have the right to be purchased here.


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