The brand-new era of the aggressive woman is here. Ladies have an ext power in everything and also are expected to assert us in every area: jobs, politics, sports, and, happily, sex. You don’t have to wait about for the male to make the first move anymore. More and much more men are turned ~ above by ladies who space sure, confident, and also sexually demonstrative. Ah, yet do you recognize which buttons to press? shot any mix of the following for fast, quick results.

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1. Avoid wearing a bra.

2. If you already don’t stay a bra, stop wearing panties.

3. If you already don’t wear a bra and panties, then begin wearing a bra and panties.

4. Sunbathe topless ~ above a windy beach.

5. Sunbathe entirely nude ~ above a public beach. Review our overview on the best nude beaches to visit in the world.

6. Learn exactly how to run an extremely fast totally nude from big crowds and policemen.

7. Exhilaration cigars.

8. Show some next boob.

9. With conservative men, constantly wear loosened jeans, flannel shirts, and hiking boots.

10. Through hippie-type guys, stay ultra feminine clothes: satin shirts, pantsuits, and also high heels.


11. Cut-offs shorts v your butt cheeks out are more aggressive than jeans.

12. T-shirts are an ext aggressive 보다 blouses.

13. See-through blouses are more aggressive than tight T-shirts.

14. Invite 5 separate potential lover to dinner on the exact same night, without telling any type of of them the anyone else has actually been invited.

15. Ankle arm bands are the many aggressive sort of female jewel this side of manacles.

16. Wear edible panties.

17. Whiskey, neat, is always much more aggressive than any kind of mixed drink.

18. Smoke weed. It's good for sex.

19. Research Lauren Bacall movie carefully.

20. Avoid falling in love with Humphrey Bogart-type men.


21. Sexually aggressive women room very an excellent at poker.

22. When playing tennis, sexually aggressive women always pertained to the net first.

23. And they wear fresh white tennis outfits however no panties.

24. Squash is among the many sexually aggressive games a woman deserve to play through a man. Make sure you win.

25. Sexually aggressive women fly; specifically their very own planes.

26. Buy a male a drink.

27. Ask because that a man's phone number before he asks because that yours.

28. If a male asks you to dance, refuse.

29. Constantly ask men to run first.

30. After ~ you have danced with countless of the guys that you asked first, currently ask the man who asked girlfriend first, whom you refused.


31. Whenever a guy is about to light a cigarette, win him come the draw and do it for him.

32. If over there is a man in a restaurant you want to meet, send an stimulate of oysters come his table.

33. If there's a male in a theater you want to meet, as soon as he steps external at intermission, placed your name and also phone number in the pocket of the cloak he leaves on his seat. Then go and flirt v him and do not give him her phone number when he asks for it.

34. Own a Doberman pinscher and walk that in her heels.

35. Whistle at a guy who turns you on. Think the it as dog-calling.

36. Most men are very turned on watching a woman eat v her hands. Shot it, you'll have actually him eating the end of her hand. Note: Lick her fingers clean.

37. A an excellent way come prime your pump is to review erotic literature.

38. Leave lots of this erotic literature around to permit men understand that you room sexually adventurous.

39. Leave provocative books on your desk at work, on your night table at home.

40. Invite him come a championship fight come which you have actually bought the ideal ringside tickets.


41. Ask him end to your house to shampoo and style his hair and beard. Learn about what his mustache says about his sex life.

42. At night, take him for a nude run down the beach.

43. Learn all about wines and also develop a deft hand through a corkscrew.

44. The an initial time her out v a man that you desire to rotate on, while still in the dinner step tell him, in good detail, just how you like your ago rubbed.

45. For dessert, phone call him just how you like your prior rubbed.

46. Pick him up for a day on your motorcycle. If friend don't very own a motorcycle, find a guy who does and pick the other guy up with his motorcycle.

47. If girlfriend raise dry fish, castle had much better be piranhas. Note: Don't feed them prior to a date.

48. Sexually wild women's bedrooms space not frilly, they currently look like a man's been there.

49. Sexually aggressive ladies lie under nude on the bed and watch their man gain undressed.

50. Once in bed, they never ask a man what to do, they tell him.

51. Sexually aggressive women space always good at oral sex. And invent special methods like the Crème de menthe blowjob. Think this thoughts when giving him head.

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52. Sexually wild women constantly suggest amazing places to make love, favor caves, rooftops, elevators, convertible cars through the height down...