Ok, it's hard to placed in native on just how i come up through the idea for this blog. The nature that the game of Starcraft is, that its play online. You accomplish all the civilization online and most of the time you room unable to see them in person, as result of whatever reason, so every that people know about you is her name.After some time you gain to recognize these people and you begin connecting outside of the game, you begin talking around your day-to-day life and also suddenly the concern pops:"Wait, Wizard, you are a slav?"Fuck yes ns am."Shit man, defines a lot. Room you put on a tracksuit?"Now this is always a very peculiar assumption. My prompt answer was "Of food I'm wearing a tracksuit, I'm a slav girlfriend moron"And now discussion ensue and everyone wants to include their opinion on tracksuits, yet to it is in honest, their opinion no matter. Similar to Koreans and Estonians room really fucking an excellent at playing videogames, slavs space masters in ~ the arts of wearing your tracksuits.So this is how i gained here, time to create a Tracksuit guide on how to look like a real motherfucking SlavSo, lookin like a actual Slav looks simple so far, right? No it's not!Most western europeans think they have the right to pull turn off this style and also look cool, yet no. It's choose white guys in the us wearing those retarded NYcaps and also shit choose that. No one wants to watch that.So approximately some clean examples:
" tiwgc2010.orge=""> this is a perfect example of a typical tracksuit style.If you room a starter and also want a clean goal, this is what you want to accomplish at first. Its so Classic, im relatively confident to say if you monitor the indict this well young man demonstrates you space on a good way to look prefer a actual slav. Let's analysis his swgc2010.orgye for a moment:What we check out are classic black monitor pants through white stripes, matching nearly every top. His pair of shoes are fairly standard too. Straightforward black and also comfortable nike or adidas streetwear sport shoes. Now, vsibly his track optimal is the main feature of his style. Below in depth Theoretics:Wearing Tracksuits has actually 2 simple rules concerning Top and also Pants:1.) They room matching/bought in a set2.) The optimal is the key featureAs we see the young individual in the picture chose a an ext Top focused style. After reading this, you could think you might jsut wear the same stuff he wears and also be done, right?WRONG!There is much more to being a noble slav, than just wearing a tracksuit. I'd choose to focus on his head, particularly the hair. What is over there to emphasis about? Exacwgc2010.orgy, not much. The classic slav hairstyle is short and also by brief i mean into the Millimeters.Alcohol or Cigarettes room a good accessoire, constanwgc2010.orgy matching every tracksuit.And there is nothing an ext to say, classic, difficult brilliant, the looks precisely like a slav should look like.PART 2: What Tracksuit?
Most people would suppose me to do a tracksuit brand tier list at this moment and I'll provide one, but tracksuit tiers readjust from region to region. Here is the one i grew up with and still follow to this day:Top Tier: Kappa, UmbroGood Tier: AdidasOk Tier: Nike and everything elseWhat have the right to you an alert on this tier list? Spot-On, there is no "Garbage" or "Shit" Tier. Why? due to the fact that there is no "Shit" Tracksuit Brand, its just that Kappa and Umbro space actually the ideal ones. Adidas is ranked in in between those and also the yes sir Tier, together it has actually the black/gold tracksuit i m sorry is relatively popular in a the majority of eastern european countries, but besides that, they lack the straightforward strength the Umbro and also the fashionable layout Kappa reflects.PART 3: Footwear?What Shoes perform i stay Wizard? fine thats no that difficult either, my friend. Every running to street layout shoe indigenous Nike, Adidas, Puma and others is completely acceptable. Besides the normal norms, current switchups seen on russian tracksuit wearers promoted wearing dress shoes through your tracksuit.---->+ show Spoiler +

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" tiwgc2010.orge="">
I would not recommend doing that together a starter, it's a dificult format to usage ona day-to-day basis and it could provoke other tracksuit wearers, together its a new style, breaking the old rule of standard.And think me, we slavs are really bound come our old traditions.Another advanced footwear method is making use of your socks to ingredient in her track trousers into. This format is often seen in mix with short sneakers int eh summer and also high sneakers in the winter. This format is really an overwhelming to wear and also not even all slavs deserve to use it properly. The "Track pants in Socks" style is additionally used generally in the turkish and pakistani tracksuit scene.FINAL STATEMENT
So ~ going through this about written Tracksuit Guide/Rant/Whatever, I'm jsut going to summary talk around why slavs look so great in tracksuits. Us just have actually style. Girlfriend can't refuse it, Slavs look at amazing and not plenty of other ethnic teams can do the very same + display Spoiler +

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.What is the mystery behind that?Its Passion. Slavs love Tracksuits. This well young serbian also went so far to make a song around Tracksuits transforming his life:THCF Trenerka StilAnd that shows, that v Passion, everything in life is achievable.More Pics displaying good taste in Tracksuits through Slavs:+ display Spoiler +