This question asks for difficult science.

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every answers come this question have to be donate up through equations, empirical evidence, clinical papers, various other citations, etc. Answers that carry out not fulfill this requirement can be removed. See the tag description for more information.

In DC"s TV-series (and comics), Barry Allen is The Flash: a superhero powered by the speed-force. This speed-force enables him come move incredibly fast, deserve to be transferred to others, and also there likewise exists a synthetic version of it (it"s not that healthy).

Given current modern technology levels, how much you can push a real human being? Where room the borders for an amplified human? exactly how fast can he run? What would avoid him indigenous running any type of faster? What would certainly some various other side impacts be?

Imagine girlfriend have endless resources (but girlfriend can"t make up anything, everything has to be announced or existing in our existing world) and labor. You have the right to pump him (or her) full of medicine if need be.

I know, a human won"t be able to run in ~ supersonic speed, however how fast can one in reality go? 60 mph perhaps?

What would be the many effective way or Drug combination to accelerate a person being to maximum possible speed. In various other words: just how to develop Velocity 9? and How fast would that be?

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This question asks for difficult science. all answers to this question have to be backed up by equations, empirical evidence, clinical papers, various other citations, etc. Answers that execute not accomplish this requirement might be removed. View the tag description for much more information.

Problems and also Limitations

The speed is a superordinary (and made-up) entity, which can not be replicated by scientific research in any kind of way, shape, or form. However, pushing civilization to merely run quicker is, of course, possible, depending upon what you"re trying to accomplish, and price you"re ready to salary (or rather the price your test subjects are willing to pay).

Consider the the current world men"s document for sprinting 100 meter (held by Bolt), is basically 23.35 miles/hr. The is the fastest the a talented, and highly trained person being has ever been ever to operation (that we know of).

He go this at the top of his physics performance, although no on any kind of performance improving drugs (we hope). And also so, best off the bat, you"re opened the door to potentially having actually him run faster if he did partake of few of those drugs.

However, every little thing has consequences. To run that rapid will take a heavy toll on many people. They will most likely tear muscles and also ligaments achieving greater speeds, due to the fact that the human body has certain limitations. And they will still come nowhere close to 60 mph. In fact, most would be happy to with Bolt"s speeds while not on drugs.

Also take into consideration that plenty of professional athletes build a wide variety of injuries concerned constantly training, and also performing to the limits of their physical ability. The people enhanced in this manner would most likely suffer disastrous injury much, much sooner in their "careers". Most most likely such an enhanced person would certainly maybe have a career measured in a couple of tens that kilometers, no years.


What friend might try is a combination of medicine which improve blood oxygenation (which is what Armstrong was taking to continue to be at the top of the bicycling competitive world), and also maybe replacing people"s legs through prostheses follow me the lines of the tongue Runner.

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Technological alternatives

Alternatively, the world"s militaries space currently arising powered exoskeletons. These points are generally meant to allow troops come carry large weights. They"re at this time nowhere close to what us see shown in movies, or video games, yet in a couple of short years they might well gain there. These points may really well permit a human being being to relocate very freakin" fast. Probably not sustain a 60 mph sprint, however certainly relocate at Bolt"s speed for quick periods the time without having to be almost everywhere near as extremely trained as him.