Anyone who is trying come leave an abusive relationship needs to impose very details tactics in bespeak to break free, heal, and move on to a better life. Narcissists and emotional manipulators will do anything to get ago in. While their unethical actions should offer as a reminder of why one is put on impose No contact in the very first place, it’s often hard to do when one is continuous bombarded v calls, emails, texts, society media notifications and also even in-person visits

How To carry out No contact Like a Boss! takes the reader from the initial plan stage, departure strategies, the minute of No Contact, what to intend in the days that follow, and how to deal with a persistent and/or abusive Ex that refuses come respect one’s request for No Contact.

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I decided this cover architecture after much contemplation – together it yes, really conveys the strength of a woman who is able to keep her place in the face of persistence. I was influenced to write this book due to the fact that so many human being struggle with No Contact, i m sorry is the first an essential step in obtaining liberty from toxic relationships.

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Author Bio

Kim Saeed, B. Ed., is a survivor and thriver ~ narcissistic abuse specializing in No call coaching, dating after narcissistic abuse, enlightened relationships, and self-care. She is the writer of the recovery education blog let Me Reach.

Kim has a multidisciplinary background consisting of expertise in teaching, banking, organizational development, HR, research, and database management.


LC says July 20, 2015

Thanks again because that this resource & her blog.

After 2+ years of lies, cheating, confusion, manipulation, gaslighting… permitting him come live with me, physically & emotionally abuse me, & sucking the ‘self’ the end of me… I ultimately kicked the N the end of my home around 6 month ago. I’ve been legitimately NO CONTACT, not just “no response,” because that 7 days now.

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NAS is truly an addiction, which renders recovery a challenge, particularly when in combination with a codependent personality, however I’m never going back. I’ve re-claimed mine life. Say thanks to you, Kim, because that your advantageous & inspiring insights.

I’ve check out your publication on Kindle, but I’d love to have actually it in print. Room there any kind of plans to publish the in paperback?