In this overview I’m going to teach you exactly how to draw mountains because that a fantasy map. This is component of the Author’s guide to illustration Maps, and also so much we’ve covered:

This guide is also available as a PDF which can be bought at the Fantasy Map Market. Together a bonus the PDF additionally comes v my “Map Maker’s resource Kit”.

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How to draw mountains ~ above a map

Mountains space important.

From the Andes and the Rockies come the Alps and also the Himalaya, mountains form part of our planet’s ecosystem. They affect weather problems across global and local climates and kind the source of both tiny and big rivers.

In some cultures mountains room a prize of the planet.

Great war are combated on, around and also in the shadow of mountains. For instance The fight of Thermopylae was only possible for the Greeks since of the narrow pass at the foot of mountain Kallidromo.

And over there are numerous stories where an separation, personal, instance embarks top top a expedition up a sacred hill on a spirituality quest.

Just imagine exactly how mountains have readjusted the course of history in your world. Snapshot the stories you could tell.

This is my guide to aid you draw mountains to your people map. Which consequently will administer hooks for stories, adventures or the rise of people – it’s every in your imagination.

Simple triangle mountains step through step

Yes, these space as basic as lock sound. Although that simple, and probably a format you’ve make the efforts before, this is the foundation of every other format of hill you’ll learn to draw. So please stick with me.

First take it a triangle. And also remove the bottom.

First step to draw a mountain.
Second action to draw a mountain
How to attract mountains action by step
Two straightforward mountains, next by side.
A container created by adding multiple mountains together in a semi-circle.
Shading her mountains
Vancano’s Realistic hills

In my how to draw mountains ebook ns take you step by action through 2 further layouts of mountains. Very first a basic 3D mountain range, it’s a stepping stone from the simple mountain, to my realistic mountain selection style as viewed above.

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When you buy the ebook you’ll also receive my “Map Maker’s source Kit” for totally free which is a pack of printable map paper.

The map paper will produce an excellent hand outs for her players if you’re a video game master. Or they’re good for print out and including in your world holy bible if you’re an author.

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