How to each other these species of dragon which have special facets (not fire, earth, tree etc.) on your tag in the game. Castle just have actually a sun, a moon or a rainbow. What simple elements should be blended for every of them? Which type of (hybrid i suppose) dragons should I mix to attain those ones?


Rainbow Dragons space randomly bred from any mix that has at least 4 different elements.

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Moon/Sun dragons can only be bred through a combo including cold and also lightning. Sun dragons are bred between 7am and 7 pm while moon dragons space bred in between 7pm and also 7am. No, that"s not a rumor. Dragons must be at the very least level 15 or higher or else this will be an extremely difficult.

Scorch/Cold are well-known pairings because that both sun and also moon.

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Rainbow Dragons need at the very least 4 facets while Sun and Moon need Lightning and Cold. Sunlight Dragons have the right to be bred in between 7AM and also 7PM on your device clock. Moon Dragons can be bred between 7PM and 7AM on your maker clock. There space several possible combinations that have the right to be provided as provided on this comfortable chart.


I obtained a Rainbow Dragon by breeding a level 10 blue fire with a level 10 crystal Dragon top top the first try. :)


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