Recently, Sony announced that it would certainly disable Facebook integration for PS4, a piece of news and event that is posing a difficulty for gamers who want to share the gameplay on the area. Apart from that, transferring PS4 videos directly to your phone can be one more obstacle on its own since you cannot connect and also deliver videos straight to your phone by means of the accessible Bluetooth on PS4.

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Learning just how to transport videos from PS4 to phone is important for many gamers. Hence, this short article will certainly describe the best means to carry PS4 videos to your phone so that you deserve to easily share them with your friends on social media. We will certainly likewise display you exactly how to document game videos on PS4 and also share your gameplay on PS4.

Part 1. The Best Way to Transfer PS4 Videos to Your Phone

If you are in search of the ideal method to deliver PS4 videos to the phone, we recommend UniConverter (initially Video Converter Ultimate) due to its awesome attributes. This tool is a finish video toolbox that permits you to edit videos, apply results to video, and also deliver videos from your computer system to Android tools, Apple devices, camcorders, and other exterior storage tools.

The app likewise enables you to convert your PS4 videos papers to well-known video layouts supported by the majority of gadgets and video sharing platcreates at high speed. It supports more than 1000 file layouts, and its file conversion procedure is smooth and trusted. It have the right to compush PS4 video files without any loss in quality, downfill videos from over 10,000 sites at high speed, and transform your videos for VR gadgets.

* UniConverter - Easy-to-Use Video Transfer Tool on Mac/Windows


One-click to move videos from COMPUTER to the exterior storage devicesConvert videos to 1,000+ styles, consisting of AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, and so on.90X much faster convariation speed than other prevalent converters.Edit videos through trimming, cropping, merging, including subtitles, and even more.Burn video to playable DVD with attractive free DVD templates.Downpack or document videos from 10,000 video sharing sites.Versatile toolbox includes solving video metadata, GIF maker, and display recorder.Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.
Security Verified. 7,851,625 world have downloaded it.

What"s even more, the tool is straightforward to use, many thanks to its intuitive user interconfront. It supports both Mac and Windows OS and also features many other advantageous devices that you may found valuable. Follow the actions listed below to learn exactly how to deliver PS4 videos from COMPUTER to phone with UniConverter.

Note: Before you transport PS4 videos to your phone, using this tool, you need to have copied or conserved the videos to a USB drive. To deliver a conserved gameplay video to a USB Drive, insert a FAT32 or an exFAT formatted USB drive into an accessible USB port on the front of your PS4 and also follow the overview listed below.

1. From the Active Menu, go to the Record Gallery. If you are unable to see this option, upgrade your PS4 system software application to at least 1.70.

2. Select the gallery wright here the video you want to deliver is stored. If you do not know which gallery to look for it, select All and also then Video to focus just on the video"s search criteria.

3. Next, highlight the video you wish to transport and then push the Options key

4. Choose the option to Copy to USB Storage and then push the Xkey.

5. After relocating your conserved PS4 video to the flash drive, follow the procedures listed below to transport the videos into your phone. This aspect will certainly likewise explain just how to transfer videos from computer to phone utilizing the Uniconverter.

Tip 1 Downpack and also install UniConverter

Install the software on your computer system from the"s main webwebsite. Run the regime and click on the Transfer choice at the optimal of your screen.

Tip 2 Insert the USB and also add PS4 videos.

Insert the USB stick containing the PS4 videos into your COMPUTER. Allow UniConverter to recognize your USB stick and also then click the + Add Files to include PS4 videos from the USB flash drive. After including the PS4 videos, eject the USB stick from your COMPUTER.


Step 3 Connect your phone to PC

Using your phone"s USB cable, connect your phone to the computer. UniConverter will certainly fill the phone"s driver files and install them for a smooth connection and transfer of information.

Look out for the on-display screen prompt on the regimen to switch on the USB debugging attribute on your Android tool.


Note: The allowing USB debugging for your Android devices varies from one design to another and also from one operating device to another. So, make sure you follow the specific process for your gadget on the tool"s interchallenge.

If you"re utilizing an Apple tool, enter your device"s passcode to show that you authorized the connection.

Step 4 Transfer Video to Phone

After connecting your phone to your COMPUTER and authorizing the connection, the interchallenge will certainly look favor the one below. From here, click Transfer to sfinish the videos straight to your phone.


If the video documents are many type of, click Transfer All to activate batch transferring. Next off, you will watch a development bar that offers you the size of time the transport will take. At the end of the process, the screen will screen Transfer successfully.

After moving the video, you have the right to currently watch the moved PS4 gameplay video on your phone or share it via your friends on social media.

Congratulations, you have properly learned exactly how to transport videos from lapoptimal to phone.

Part 2. How to Record Game Video on PS4

If you are a gamer, sharing your PS4 video clips and screenshots through your friends and fans suggests sharing your joy, achievements, and love. If you have constantly wanted to share your gameplay but did not understand how to start, the good news is that we have the solution you seek. This area will learn just how to record clips of your PS4 videos on your PS4 and conserve or modify them before you upfill them digital.

Steps for Recording Gameplay Video on PS4

1, To record a video clip clip of an event that emerged, as you are playing a game, specifically when you perform somepoint impressive and also choose to share it as a video clip, press the share button.

2, To record a video clip clip of an event that is around to take place, push the share button two times at the beginning of the scene you wish to conserve and then push the share switch aget when the scene ends.

Note that you can conserve a gameplay video clip through a maximum duration of 15 minutes gameplay. The PS4 platcreate calculates the video duration of 15 minutes in reverse mode and also records the occasion within the past 15 minutes. That is, catching only the last 15 minutes from the precise time you push the share button to end the recording scene.

How to conserve a Gameplay Video Clip on PS4

To save a video clip, push the share button, followed by the square switch. After conserving a video clip and you wish to delete it, push the circle button

Part 3 How to Share Gameplay on PS4

If you commonly love to share your videos and also display captures via Facebook, PS4 does not support Facebook anyeven more, yet you can use Twitter and YouTube platdevelops. Here is how to share gameplay video clips by Twitter.

How to share your PS4 videos with Twitter

Transferring your video through Twitter is equally essential as learning exactly how to move videos from PS4 to the phone. Follow the procedures below.

● You require an active Twitter account to share your PS4 videos on Twitter. If you perform not have one, you have the right to sign up for an account by going to the Twitter homepage.

● After signing up, link your Twitter account to your PS4 account and Launch the PS4 application.

● Go to Settings (situated on the top best navigation bar) and scroll down to choose Account Management.

● Now select Link through Other Services. At that spot, you will certainly see a list of solutions that PS4 supports, such as Twitter and YouTube. Pick Twitter at this allude to link your Twitter account to PS4.

● Next off, pick the choice that claims, Add an account, and the console browser will certainly appear immediately. Sign in to your Twitter account by entering your account credentials.

● You might select to have actually two-variable authentication enabled or execute it later on and also enter the option of who can tag you.

● After signing up for twitter and also linking twitter to PS4, you deserve to start sharing your PlayStation video clips and also screenshots on Twitter straight.

Note: You can follow the step over to share your PS4 videos on YouTube. However, you have to attach PS4 with your YouTube account from the Account Management settings.

Other methods to share a PS4 gameplay video

1 You can also use the Record Gallery to share or upfill a PS4 video. While at the Capture Gallery, pick the video you wish to share and also press the Share button.

2 You can additionally select a video clip clip and also modify it to include a comment and also attach the video clip to your Twitter account.

3 To restrict a video to the scene you choose. Press Edit to trim the video clips from the beginning scene to the point it ends.

4 When you complete editing and enhancing, share the video by pressing the Share switch on the game controller, and also then pick the Upfill Video Clip alternative.

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Sharing your PS4 videos is an excellent means to share the fun and also your love for the game and your success via your friends. This article shows you exactly how to move videos from PS4 to phone or COMPUTER and also share it via your friends or conserve for future viewing. We have actually likewise discussed just how to document game videos on PS4 and share gameplay on PS4 to your social media accounts. If you uncover this write-up resourceful and beneficial, kindly share it via your friends.