civilization on Craigslist are offering regular and VIP ticket to the 2017 NFL breeze in Philadelphia, many for upwards that $1,000.

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There room over a dozen offers available, most from sellers within the city and also a pair from bordering counties. They’re offering both regular and also VIP tickets either together singles or in bag costing anywhere from $275 (offer only valid because that Eagles fans) come $1,500 per ticket.

A continual ticket it s okay you a seat in the inner circle the the arena, and a VIP ticket gets you a spot in the VIP tent with totally free food and drinks. The just other methods to get seats at this allude are to wait because that standby tickets the day of each occasion or go into to win a opportunity to come to be a drafted fan, i beg your pardon either gets you top top the red carpet through the football player or secures you a seat in an “open-air theater” ~ above the measures of the art museum.

Don’t worry around missing the end if friend don’t have a ticket. You will do it still be able to watch the draft live indigenous Eakin’s Oval, though there’s no promise the a clean view. There will also be plenty of entertainment for non-ticket holders: games, methods to success autographs and prizes, a kids’ corner, and also duh, bars. Simply register for a totally free NFL pan Mobile Pass.

All 3 days of the breeze will additionally be televised ~ above ESPN and NFL Network.

Thursday, April 27 at 8 p.m. Friday, April 28 in ~ 7 p.m. Saturday, April 29 in ~ Noon
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