I realize that I am horrible at composing instructions for the mods that I develop. No matter just how many videos, PDFs, readmes and also instructions I compose I can't acquire civilization to install the mod correctly. Therefore, I'd love it if I can gain a volunteer who could carry out me via instructions for my own mod lol. If anyone would certainly be open up to it, please article below on what you feel is the ideal collection of instructions for civilization to install the mod. I'm hoping that this threview will help those who cannot install the mod.

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Here's my stab at it. For users of Fallout Character Overhaul, I direct your attention here: http://wiki.step-pro...my_bodyguard... (Note: The second combo box web page you'll encounter is compatibility patches. You won't necessarily require anything from there) For non-users of Fallout Character Overhaul: 1. Downpack Fallout Character Overhaul.2. Install FCO. In the initially combo-box web page, choose "Eye Textures." In the second combo box page, pick nothing and also click "Install"3. Delete any and also all FCO esms and also esps4. Downfill New Vegas Redesigned 3 "Version 2.9" and "UPDATE TO VERSION 3.0 (Critical Fixes)."5. Extract both downloaded folders.6. Install with a mod manager the fomod located inside "Version 2.9" folder. (The folder developed from the extraction)7. Rename "UPDATE TO VERSION 3.0 (Critical Fixes)" folder to "NVR3 Patch." 8. Inside NVR3 Patch folder, rename folder "Update to variation 3.0" to "data"9. Zip or rar the "NVR3 Patch" folder and also install through mod manager, overcomposing any type of documents. For both users:Load New Vegas Redesigned 3 and its associated documents in the direction of the bottom of your fill order.Create a merge patch via FNVEdit: This will certainly aid with many comparcapability problemsMake sure that bLoadFaceGenEGTFiles=1 and bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 in your FalloutPrefs.ini file in your Documents/My Games/FalloutNV folder.. Problem: I run out of memorySolutions:1. Install "4GB Fallout New Vegas Updated" - http://www.wgc2010.org...as/mods/55061/? 2a. Install "New Vegas Stutter Remover" - http://www.wgc2010.org...as/mods/34832/? (You will require NVSE)2b. Go to NVSE/Plugins in your information folder, and also open up up the New Vegas Stutter Remover .ini file.2c. collection bReplaceHeap=1 (This will aid with unlimited pack times) Problem: My personalities deals with are green/checkeredSolution: Go to your establishing under the FNV launcher and also enable High Textures Problem: Red Explanation PointsSolution: Reinstall. At some point or an additional, the meshes required disshowed up.

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