We have actually researched how To make A Fake Buttocks. This is why we room sharing this write-up on exactly how to do hip pads in ~ home. Intend you desire to know how to pad the i know good of a skirt, then reading this write-up will help.

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You can paint her face, you have the right to put top top a weave, you can slip top top a dress and heels, but baby those hips don’t lie…

There come a time in every queen’s story, when she realises that those skinny tiny boy hips don’t scream feminine mystique.

It’s time to acquire up close and personalwith part upholstery foam and a pair the scissors. Ladies and Gentlemen (and those who don’t conform to together dull binaries) ns present:

How To do A Fake Buttocks

how to make hip pads at home

What you will do it need:

A sharp, strongpair the scissorsA roll ofcling filmApermanent markerA large piece ofcardor cardboardA breadknifeA complete lengthmirrorPlasters(trust me)

Step 0: Research


So you want to make her skinny tiny hipsturn heads prefer Shakira? an initial you must spend part time deciding how large and what form you want to create. Are youaiming forsoftcurves,toned thighsorserious booty.Like part drag queen deity, now you obtain to decision the body shape that you blessed with.

Step 1: Make your template

First put on her favourite pair ofBlack Milk leggings. Then grab a role of cling film and wrap up her legs from your knees to her hips. Be sure to currently be stand by a mirror and also have your long-term marker and scissors come hand, rather you’ll it is in doing a weird small shuffle about your flat with your legs bound up.


Once she nice and also tight in your cling film bondage, then grab your permanent marker and draw a line to mark out the design template for her pads. Basically you space trying you note where you’d favor to add a tiny jelly. The line have to follow her muscles, down the front of her thighs, loop around, up the earlier and the swoop roughly your butt. Basically you should end up through something the looks roughlythe form of Africa.


Thecling film template tip has been shamelesslystolen fromthis video, i m sorry is fine worth a watch.

Step 2: reduced out your template

Reach over, take those scissors and cut yourself free.


Cut the end the two templates so that you’ve acquired something to occupational with


Then deliver the form on to card so the you’ve acquired something an ext permanent to job-related with, and also so that next time approximately you can simply jump to action 3!


Step 3: transfer your theme onto your block of foam

It was at this point that i realised that although I had actually two exorbitant templates, castle both had slightly various shapes. Obviously you desire your pads to be identical. Lop face is no “A look”. So I obtained the best of my 2 templates, drew about it, climate flipped that over and drew approximately it again to give two perfectly symmetrical shapes:


Step 4: Chop chop

Grab a bread knife, and also chop the end the 2 shapes. Clock those pretty little fingers of yours.


Step 5: Curves!

Now it’s time to begin shaping your new booty. Grab your knife and roughly chop a entirety chunk turn off the leaf of one next of each of the forms to begin to curve the edges.

Don’t it is in shy, you’re going to have to chop a pack off these bad boys and the deeper you can reduced now, the simpler it will certainly be in a moment.


Remember to cut the correctside of every of your shapes, you don’t desire to accidentally end up with two right hand pads!


Step 6: Protection

This is where things really begin to acquire interesting. Very first of all, wrap her fingers up with some plasters. Trust me, you’ll give thanks to me for this tip later when her hands room aching and you’ve got blisters anywhere your fingers. Huge shout the end to my lovely friend and fabulous queenGinger Johnsonfor this tip, the honestly saved my right hand.


Step 7: Smooth

If friend squeeze the pads in now, you’llfind out 2 things. Firstly that your favourite leggings will virtually burst and secondly that you watch ridiculous. That time to start shaping your new hips to begin to look like a woman and also not a cartoon.


Grab your scissors and also start chopping. Turn that initial unstable chop right into something a tiny smoother. Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip,Snip, Snip, Snip….

It’s about now the you begin to it is in really grateful for the tip around the plasters.

The thing to perform is to shot and smooth your method in native the edge reaching a rounded peak at the top. The diluent the edge are, the less the pads will show under your clothes.


Here’s what lock looked choose at this point:Kapow!


Now lot as ns loveKimmy K, I’d chose that I wanted my pads come look a little an ext realistic v my frame. I thought about my mum and also my sister and realised that had I been born with them, mine would have actually been a totality load more subtle.

So, with aching fingers, i picked up mine scissors again and continued come snip. It’s worth at this allude to have a think ago to your research and also really look in ~ the form of the hips that you want to make. Where’s the widest point? exactly how do lock curve down the leg?

For me, the pads I want to make slowly got thicker as they come up from the knee v the widest point around level with my crotch. Thinking back to ourmap the Africa. The thinnest little was at southern Africa, sloping up towards the widest bit being at approximately South Sudan.

Then the two bits that extended my bum cheeks (Algeria through to Ghana) were quite rounded v a big deep curve under my bum to run from Nigeria v to Chad.


Now yes two methods to undertake pads. Some people say to wear lock under lots of layers of tights v the lumpy bits difficult out. The tights will smoothen lock out. But others say the if you upper and lower reversal them over and also have the smooth next out, a great pair the leggings will force them to curve back on themselves.

I chose to wear mine with the smooth next out, and here’s the final results:


As a comparison, this is a shot of my foot with and also without the pads:


Personally I’m over the bloody moon through them. Theyadd just the appropriate amount the curve to it is in convincing, yet not too lot that they start to look at comical.

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I’ve simply been to buy aBlack Milk negative Kitty Catsuitas a present, and also I can’t wait to rock my new curves inside it.