While most growers only worry about the harvest volume, paying close attention to the aroma is essential. After all, you must love the aroma every time you open your weed jar if you’re to enjoy the smokes. Stronger smelling buds receive their glory from their perceived potency. When it smells stronger, it’s richer in terpenes— the scent isn’t just more pronounced; it’s distinct—giving the user a unique experience, thus the perceived potency. 
When your weed smells stronger, it closely identifies with its strain. You could be somewhere sharing weed with random strangers, and then you get that unmistakable aroma, you know, this is it!
The curing process invigorates the smells of your buds. The longer the curing process the better for the terpenes.

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Though the buds might appear dry after hang-drying, they contain moisture, making the curing process necessary. You cure the plant by keeping them in air-sealed jars, burping for few days to release the moisture from the jars. Curing helps you keep mold out of your buds and nurtures your buds’ taste and smell. Curing takes weeks, and those who don’t have the patience rush the buds through the process, leading to loss of the terpenes and flavonoids. This guide will teach you how to dry and cure your buds properly.
When your plant begins blooming, it will need a lot of light to enhance its metabolic activity and enhance the production of the flowers. However, high intensity lights also increase temperatures. The heat from the lights can make you lose the terpenes through evaporation. The contents of the trichomes will also be degraded if the canopy is kept closer to the light source. If your plant grew tall, adjust the light to avoid light stress.

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Keep the lights at a safe distance from the plant’s canopy to protect the trichomes from heat stress.