I never thought I could be for this reason intimidated through a submit button, yet there ns was, cursor poised.


Do i click the button? …DON’T CLICK THE BUTTON…Other people might check out the answers to those very personal questions. You should entirely click the button. You know you desire to. What if people judge me…or the service I’ve created. …I don’t know what to do!!! Click the button. No! Don’t! …ah, come ON!!!

It’s choose a tiny Ren and Stimpy were in my brain arguing over clicking the button. LOL!

It’s funny just how opportunity and anxiety walk together.

But, having actually recently attend a make Your note – organization Mastery event with Colin Sprake, who emphatically said:

“If you’re no pooping her pants, you’re not dreaming large enough…”

… i was really on the fence. For a small business like ours, THIS (clicking submit) would it is in freaking HUGE!!! To make the entrepreneur 360™ list, your service is evaluated on impact, innovation, growth, leadership and also business valuation. They do this with the goal of identifying 360 small businesses that room “mastering the art and also science of cultivation a business.”

I realized it to be a poop your pants moment! So ns took a deep breath and clicked submit. No, the anxiety has actually not unable to do away. Seriously… the questionnaire feeling kinda personal, and it would to any little business owner. They desire to recognize things that would provide any good business owner pause prior to sharing.

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And THEN…they ask for permission come share few of the details, publicly. YIKES! …YEP! I’m practically poopin’ mine pants. (Thanks for the analogy, Colin