You might already know exactly how to speak “I don’t know” in Korean, however wouldn’t that be great also come know exactly how to say “I know” in Korean? after all, there will certainly be many instances where this expression might be convenient for you come know.

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2. 알았습니다 (aratseumnida)/알았어요 (arasseoyo)/알았어 (arasseo)

Like words above, 알았어요 (arasseoyo) likewise has a definition close to saying that you taken what you simply heard. In enhancement to that, that can likewise simply be used to average “Okay.”

Sample Sentence:

A: 나한테 나중에 전화해 (nahante najunge jeonhwahae)

Call me later.

B: 알았어 (arasseo)


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Now the you know just how to say “I know” in Korean, go out and also tell people about what girlfriend know! girlfriend can likewise mix this up v other korean phrases or words.