If your ideal efforts to speak Finnish still gets away v you, this phrase followed up through the one listed below should aid get you earlier on track. You might likewise want to remember ‘voitko sanoa uudelleen’ together a means of saying ‘can girlfriend repeat that?’.

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Most people can get lugged away as soon as speaking their very own language and also not realise the they room speaking too easily for rather to understand. Human being may forget that they space speaking too quickly for girlfriend to choose up on one unfamiliar language, so utilizing this polite phrase will assist you keep up with the conversation.

The literal meaning translation that ‘ei kesta’ is ‘no problem’, however it can likewise be offered to to speak ‘no worries’, ‘don’t cite it’, or ‘you’re welcome’.

Despite your reputation because that being unfriendly, plenty of Finns will most likely want to chat discover out an ext about you. Usage this expression to say whereby you are from—or where you live, including a ‘sta’ suffix to the end. Numerous countries’ names space spelled differently in Finnish (e.g. ‘Iso-Brittania’ rather of ‘Great Britain’), yet if friend don’t understand the translation, it is quiet permissible to usage your local name for your country or town.

Use this phrase once asking for something in a shop, restaurant, or café. Use ‘tama’ or tuo’ if you don’t know the exactly Finnish for what you room asking for. In informal settings, such together at a bar, friend can even just speak what you desire without any formalities. For instance, ‘kaks olut’ in place of ‘two pints’.

Another beneficial phrase come learn, ‘anteeksi’ means both ‘I’m sorry’ and also ‘excuse me’. Usage this to apologise, obtain somebody’s attention, or ask lock to move out of your way. Most Finns use the shortened variation ‘anteeks’ and also rarely have the require for the much more formal version.

If yes a situation where ‘I’m sorry’ no enough, this phrase can be used to examine on a person’s wellness or to assess a situation. Because that example, if over there is website traffic on the road, you can ask the taxi driver ‘onko kaikki kunnossa?’

Always vital phrase come know, ‘missa on’ way ‘where is’ and also can be supplied to asking the ar of any object or place. Girlfriend can likewise usually recognize a bathroom with a huge ‘W.C’ on the door.

This one doesn’t come up much in conversation, but is quiet an interesting one come know and also a good way of understanding Finnish social attitude. ‘Sisu’ has actually no straight English translation, but it way something choose ‘guts’, ‘grit’, ‘spunk’, or the capacity to persevere despite good difficulty. It is most famously applied to the literary character Ensign Stäl, who tale forms the text of the Finnish national anthem.

If the have to vent anger there is no letting the end an attack swear word arises, this phrase usually has you spanned as the isn’t thought about too offensive. The is even considered a pop society reference, as it is the catchphrase that the police chief Repomies in the popular animated series Pasila, who commonly lets the end the phrase in an angry rant.

The typical toast made as soon as drinking, which usually wishes an excellent health or is another method of saying ‘bottoms up’.

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If a shop assistant asks if you need assistance and you execute not, this phrase will call them that you wish to browser in peace. That can additionally be supplied in answer to ‘mitä kuuluu?’ meaning ‘how space you?’. If you great to get the shop assistant’s attention again, use ‘missa on’ come ask for what you are looking for.

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