The FDA has issued warnings around the risk of major chemical burn injuries led to by topical pain relievers, including Icy Hot. These assets contain chemicals that develop a gentle “warming” sensation, however rather, they might perhaps reason second- or third-degree burns, serious pain, swelling, scarring, and also disfigurement, which might need hospital treatment. Unfortunately, the warning label does not include this threat indevelopment.

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What is Icy Hot?

Icy Hot is an over-the-counter topical anesthetic that produces a cooling/warming sensation when applied to the skin. The energetic ingredients encompass menthol and also methyl salicylate in miscellaneous quantities, relying on the product. They reason small blood vessels close to the surdeals with of the skin to dilate, producing a warming sensation and enhancing blood circulation to the location.

Several of the even more effective Icy Hot assets include:

Icy Hot Ultra Strength Cream: 10% menthol, 30% methyl salicylateIcy Hot Patch: 5% mentholIcy Hot Roll: 7.5% mentholIcy Hot Sleeve 16% mentholIcy Hot Balm: 7.6% menthol, 29% methyl salicylate

FDA Warning for Icy Hot

In September 2012, the UNITED STATE Food and also Drug Administration (FDA) publiburned a Safety Communication regarding Icy Hot and also various other topical painkillers. An examination of clinical literary works and the FDA’s adverse event report database revealed 43 confirmed cases of burns associated via topical pain relievers. Several of these burn injuries forced hospitalization for second- or third-degree burns.

The many severe burn injuries occurred through commodities containing primarily menthol, or at leastern 3% menthol and also 10% methyl salicylate. Several kinds of Icy Hot contain concentrations of menthol and/or methyl salicylate that exceed this amount. However before, the label on Icy Hot does not warn about the risk of burn injuries.

The FDA warned that topical pain relievers must be supplied via caution, and they must not cause pain. The agency likewise warned:

Do not usage the product under a tightly wrapped bandageDo not use the product on skin that is damaged, damaged, or irritatedDo not usage the product in combination with an additional resource of warmth, such as a hot water bottle, heating pad, or lampDo not use the product if it reasons any pain, burning, or irritation of the skin

Icy Hot Chemical Burns

A chemical burn occurs once a chemical reasons tconcern damage. Chemical burns led to by topical anesthetics are the majority of serious once the product stays in call with the skin for a prolonged duration of time. If Icy Hot reasons a burn, the product must be removed from the skin instantly. A second- or third-level chemical burn deserve to cause severe pain, scarring, and also possibly permanent disfigurement. The burn may need hospitalization for therapy.

Sheight making use of Icy Hot instantly if you suffer any of the complying with symptoms of a chemical burn:

PainInflammationSwellingDiscoloration of the influenced area (redness)Blisters on the skin

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