I fretted telling my mom about my period. Even though my mommy told me to not be awkward by mine period, i was timid in informing her I had actually started mine. I didn’t understand what to think about having started my period. All ns knew was that i was bleeding out of my vagina and also that the was yes, really freaking me out. I hid it for a pair of days. I snuck pads from the stash in mine mom’s bathroom and also tried to save it to myself. Ns wasn’t comfortable talking about my vagina, specifically while it to be bleeding. A couple days passed and I waited for my duration to end. Upon the five-day-mark, i worried the it was never going to end and also finally said my mother I started my duration and inquiry her exactly how long they typically last. My mommy wasn’t mad, sad, ecstatic, nervous, or anything; she answered mine question and also told me if ns had any more, she was there to answer them. It was the easiest thing. I almost half-expected she to jump for joy and say miscellaneous corny like, “my infant girl’s a woman!” yet she didn’t. Our moms have actually been through every one of what we’re walking through; they understand. Be certain not to develop up too numerous “what if’s” in your mind, you could talk yourself the end of telling your mom. I no longer live in my parents’ house, yet while i did, my mommy was the most comforting human whenever i was on my duration -- she soothed mine cramps, endured my PMS, bought mine pads and tampons and, finest of all, reminded me that ns wasn’t the only one handling a period.

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Menstruation was no a topic that was discussed in mine house. Ns knew there to be something walking on, since I had actually three much older sisters and I had actually seen their tampons. Yet nobody -- no my mom, not my sister -- also told me what a duration was or that i would someday be obtaining one. Give thanks to goodness because that the health class I had at school, or ns would have actually been completely unaware. When I an initial had my period, ns sat in the bathroom because that the longest time trying to figure out what come do. Ns was totally mortified at the thought of informing my mom. Finally, ns mustered every one of my courage and called because that her. And also it to be so much less complicated than i thought. The wasn"t embarrassing in ~ all! my mom had actually a crate of pads just waiting because that me. She told me how to use them and also she also congratulated me. If you"re nervous about talking to her mom, read Elizabeth"s article around Parents and Periods.


I started my duration a few weeks after mine thirteenth birthday. Ns remember coming down to breakfast the morning and starting to cry -- I had a ballet performance that night and didn’t desire everyone to know that I had my period! My mom was an extremely reassuring, which helped a lot… she gave me part medication to lull my cramps, and also made certain I had plenty the pads. Ns was relieved the she didn’t make too large a deal of it. I knew other girls that wanted come “celebrate” through their moms, and others whose moms acted as though it were something terrible. I felt an extremely lucky the my mommy handled that the method she go -- in a calm and positive manner. Ns hope to do the same for my daughter part day!

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